How do the US addresses work

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Our customers have known for a long time what a German delivery address is. But what about these American delivery addresses? We present the concept and the possibilities.

No limit shopping in the land of unlimited possibilities

When it comes to shopping, the US is definitely the land of opportunity. Here you can order almost anything, mostly at extremely low prices. But there is a catch. Most US online stores do not deliver to Europe at all. Therefore, a US delivery address is recommended, but it works a little differently than a German delivery address.

What is a US shipping address?

An American delivery address is a receiving station for parcels and letters within the USA. This is the address where you can have all your orders placed in the United States shipped. The US delivery address then sends the parcels and letters to an address in Europe, for example to MyPaketshop. Many American delivery addresses also group multiple orders together to save shipping costs. As a rule, they also take care of the customs formalities.

How exactly does it work?

Usually you register with the relevant provider and receive your own delivery address in the USA. You then order your desired product from an American online shop and enter the American delivery address as the recipient. After the supplier has received your order, they will send it to you.

Frequent additional services from delivery addresses in the USA

Consolidation of shipments

Collect several orders and have them combined in one package to save a lot of postage when shipping to Europe.

Scanning letters

Scanning letters, for example, is useful so that you can read them online immediately.

Taking photos of your order

By taking photos of your order before it is sent to Europe, you can be sure that the package did not arrive at the delivery address defective. Even the content can be photographed on request, for example to check that it is actually the desired product.

Order service

You can order some delivery addresses from an American online shop. This can sometimes be necessary if, for example, the shop blocks foreign IP addresses - keyword: geoblocking.

Rent phone number

Furthermore, some American delivery addresses offer you to rent your own US telephone number there.

Business-to-business services

Business-to-business services are also an additional service offered by these logistics companies.

What does an American delivery address cost?

The costs start at around $ 3 acceptance fees and are then made up according to the additional services selected.

But that's not all, because the shipping costs are NOT part of the fees. You have to pay this to each provider. These start at around $ 45 for a simple S-size package and then quickly rise to $ 100 and more.

In addition, there are customs duties and VAT in the recipient country. You can find out how high these are in Germany in our blog post Ordering from Allowances from the USA to Germany.

Which providers are there?

The best-known providers with a German website are:



Other providers with an English website:

FedEx Cross Border

What's the best US shipping address?

In fact, Shipito is proving to be the favorite with many customers, as the company offers extensive services and very affordable fees.

However, before you order, you should compare the prices carefully and add the individual items together. Sometimes a provider with higher fees turns out to be cheaper because it has more inclusive services or cheaper shipping costs.

Are orders in the USA worthwhile? This is what MyPaketshop means

Orders in the USA are NEVER worthwhile for products that are also available in Germany or Europe. Even if you save 100 euros compared to the German price, the shipping costs in particular will eat up these savings. Usually you will pay more. And it is very difficult to claim a guarantee, if at all.

If, on the other hand, you want to order products that are only available in the USA, then a US delivery address definitely makes sense. You should always make sure that your order complies with the import regulations of the EU or Switzerland.

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