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Home Office Gadgets: Our TOP 21 for working from home

If you are lucky enough to be able to work from home, clever and funny gadgets can sweeten your everyday life. We introduce you to our TOP 21 Home Office Gadgets. Whether decorative, funny or really useful, you can decide individually. Have fun with our selection!

Multifunctional desk pad

This stylish desk pad doubles as a mouse pad. It also prevents the keyboard from slipping and protects the frequently used surface of the table. The multifunctional pad for the desk is in eleven colors and five sizes available. So the product can look like this PU leather also make a visual statement in the home office.

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Ergonomic home office gadgets: wrist rests

This set consists of two wrist rests for the keyboard and the mouse. Ergonomic work is possible with these gadgets for the home office made of memory foam. The simple black blends in with any work environment. The set is also available in light green. For less than 15 euros you can now comfortable and ergonomic work in the home office.

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Heating carpet for warm feet

If you have to or can move your workplace into your own four walls, you can make yourself as comfortable as possible there. A heated carpet ensures warm feet. With Measures 60 by 40 centimeters the mat fits under every desk. A clever foot switch prevents unnecessary bending over to switch on. Overheating protection is integrated for safe use.

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Cup warmer and Qi charger in one

If you like your coffee or tea just as warm, you might like the compact cup warmer with cup. The slim induction pad can even charge the smartphone and so it comes home with two functions. The supplied cup with lid can keep the beloved hot drinks warm longer. A Safety function ensures that the heating is switched off when the cup is removed - a safe affair.

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Laptop table for bed and sofa by Relaxdays

who the Take full advantage of the flexibility of the home office would like to work from bed or from the sofa. With a small laptop table, working in these places becomes immediately more convenient. Two areas of the table ensure a comfortable working position. The right part serves as a shelf and the left part can be set up become. Of course, the small table is also suitable for breakfast in bed.

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Anker PowerConf for clear phone calls

Even if there are no telephone conferences with several people present in the home office, it is one clear sound quality during phone calls but helpful. The Anker PowerConf has proven itself in our test and is therefore one of our TOP home office gadgets. The small conference loudspeaker filters out ambient noise and optimizes the voice quality. The compact dimensions and the intuitive design are convincing here all along the line.

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Decoration sign for the home office

A sign can help so that everyone knows that work is going on in this room. Instead of “Home sweet Home”, the “Office” was added here. The Metal sign measuring 20 by 20 centimeters is definitely a nice decoration and gift idea. The office can be at home for just under 15 euros stylishly upgraded become.

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Mini exercise bike for sports in the home office

If you don't have space in your home for large exercise equipment, you could Mini exercise bike from AGM like. So you can do a small sports program directly during work or afterwards. With this gadget you don't even have to leave the house in quarantine times. An individual adjustable resistance can be used for an effective increase used during training. With Cubii we still have an alternative for you.

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Home office gadgets with a difference: cell phone prison against distraction

Those who are easily distracted could benefit from the cell phone prison. Even if it has a more symbolic character, you will probably think several times whether you should free your smartphone. Up to eight cell phones can find space in the cage. It is also suitable for a media-free evening with family or friends. The Padlock with two keys is of course also included in the scope of delivery.

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Stylish clock for a sense of time in the home office

In the open-plan office, working hours can often be estimated based on the routines of colleagues. In the home office, on the other hand, time can fly by. In order to have this in view, a chic watch is recommended, which also enhances the look of the in-house office. The Housing made of bamboo is robust and chic at the same time. The supplied USB cable serves as a power source. Battery operation is also possible.

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Noise canceling headphones for undisturbed work

If you are not alone at home and have to share the home office with your partner or children, you have to expect ambient noise. headphone with active noise cancellation can promote concentration here. They are also suitable as a headset for phone calls and of course for listening to music. The simple black design should please everyone. For a price of around 60 euros, you can get high-quality headphones for the home office and the leisure time afterwards.

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Desk organizer for a better overview of home office gadgets

A chic organizer made of bamboo wood can perfectly organize the little things in the office. What could otherwise be lying around in a messy and scattered way finds its permanent place in the visually appealing gadget. Even the Coffee cup has a recess and the smartphone can be conveniently charged. For a price of just under 24 euros, the PIETVOSS Organizer can bring more order to the home office.

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Foot hammock for comfortable work

A foot hammock is a real home office gadget, because nowhere else can you loll so well at your desk. The hammock for your feet will be attached to the table top with simple screw clamps. One of the clamps even has a hook to put the headphones there during the break. The height-adjustable foot hammock allows different sitting positions and ensures a varied posture at the desk - it is one of the convenient gadgets for everyday office life.

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Compact printer for the home office

The HP Tango X Smart Home Printer is perfect for the home office. His compact dimensions do not take up too much space and thanks to the cover it can also be used on the move. Coupling via the WLAN is a very convenient operating option. So if you can't do without paper entirely, that's itminimalist and chic printers from HP a very good choice for the home office.

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Height-adjustable laptop table allows you to work while standing

In order to not only have to work sitting down, many employers also have height-adjustable desks in your office equipment. The electrically operated and bulky pieces of furniture are often not suitable for the home office. The Relaxdays company has released a compact version that should find a place in every household. The height-adjustable laptop table is perfect for working standing up and can also be adjusted to the height of any chair - practical! The You-Stand UP is also an alternative.

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Daylight lamp for a pleasant working environment

A daylight lamp can create a pleasant working atmosphere in less well-lit rooms. With the TaoTronics model, with the wide lamp head real sunlight simulated. This is adjustable and can be positioned at a comfortable angle. Six levels can be selected with a touch-sensitive surface. The energy level can be increased with a daylight lamp - perfect for them efficient work in the home office.

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Funny home office gadgets: Henry - the small desk vacuum cleaner

The can be used to remove the fallen sharpener or the ejection of the hole punch small desk vacuum cleaner Henry Perfect. It also reliably removes the crumbs of breakfast from the keyboard and the entire desk. The comic-like design brings some momentum to the dreary home office everyday and is also perfect as a gift idea for colleagues.

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Laptop cushion with bamboo wood


We have already presented a number of gadgets so that you don't just work at your desk or while you are seated. The laptop cushion with bamboo tray is particularly compact and convenient. The pillow can be placed perfectly on the lap or stomach. So you can also move the home office to bed or on the sofa. Of course, this can also be done on the laptop cushion with bamboo wood Served breakfast or lunch become. For just under 35 euros you can get a robust product for work at home.

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Airy work support: table fan with USB connection

A table fan can provide that certain fresh breeze in the home office. The EasyAcc USB fan has already convinced us in the test. The touch-sensitive stand is the simple operating element of the fan. It comes with a USB cable connected to the socket or the PC and then can do its job. If you only expect a gentle stream of air, you are wrong here. The small The table fan has a lot of power and can reliably cool the smoking head.

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Manual shredder ensures data protection

It doesn't have to be a powerful shredder for the home office. A compact model with a manual drive should be sufficient here. The KIKAR document shredder comes with a crank and three slots. Here can not only shredded paper, but also CDs or cards be destroyed. Be thanks to being propelled by muscle power no power connection or even batteries needed. An absolute classic among the home office gadgets.

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Futuristic: laser keyboard

Not everyone likes to type a lot on the tablet, smartphone or laptop. The futuristic projected laser keyboard is a lot more fun. The handy projector will via bluetooth or cable paired with the appropriate device and then throws the keyboard on the desk. The home office gadget is also practical for work on the go on the train and co ..

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