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Translation of "are you saying ... thank you" in English

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Well Trevor what or so you say...
"Who's your favorite villain?" Then or so you say...
Unless, or so you say: thanks, and go home.
If you are asked why or so you say, Madame Fleuri would like the sender to thank.
If anyone queries you, just say Madame Fleuri wants to thank you the sender.
So or so you say "thanks nice "to your (negative) emotions.
So "be grateful"for your (negative) emotions.
Then, or so you say to yourself and the universe: "THANKS"and so you let go of it.
So, to yourself and the universe, say "THANK YOU"and now let it go.
Jytte, or so you say please cancel my remaining appointments today? thanks.
Would you be so kind to cancel my meetings the rest of the day?
So or so you say me again, Charles, that you are not involved in anything dangerous ... that you... that you are not a spy.
So, you tell me again, Charles, that you're not involved in anything dangerous, that you're ... that you're not a spy.
Or so you say... that I wanted you to be drunk all the years as an alcoholic?
Are you... Saying I wanted you drunk all those years, all that heartache?
But you... made you beautiful and waited for me, and now or so you say me, you are up to something.
Well, you ... got dressed, waited for me to ask you out, which I did.
When I say vanilla is the best ice cream, then or so you say...
Now, if I were to say to you, "Vanilla's the best flavor ice cream," you'd say ...?
Or so you say Not "thanks, Mr. Fly "?
If you don't want a portion of a certain meal, or so you say just no thanks."
If you don't want a helping of a certain food, you simply say, "No, Thank you."
Then or so you say: "thanks many times. "
My friend Doug is waiting for me.
What do you mean you ... you say because someone from our company embezzled $ 2.6 million?
What - you mean - are you saying that someone embezzled $ 2.6 million from the company?
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