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Your safety is very important to Uber. Our new door-to-door safety standard helps ensure that you are safe on every journey.

And with the Uber app, your next ride is just a tap away. Open the app, enter where you want to go, and a partner driver in your area will reliably bring you to your destination.

Find a ride - almost anywhere
You can order rides at over 600 airports and in more than 10,000 cities around the world. The Uber app is ideal for stress-free travel planning. You can order your trips spontaneously or plan them in advance.

Find a ride - to almost any destination
Whether stylish, spacious or affordable, the Uber app will help you find the perfect ride for your needs:

Elegance and first-class equipment: Uber Black
Spacious trolleys with more space for your friends: UberXL.

The Uber app combines all of these transportation options and much more in a single app.

Show price estimate
You can use the Uber app to see the fare before ordering your ride. So you know in advance how much you will have to pay.

Your safety is what drives us
It is very important to us that every ride ordered through the Uber app is as safe as possible. Therefore, in addition to our door-to-door security standard, we have developed new security functions and updated our community guidelines to promote respectful and positive interaction.

Share your ride with others
Give your loved ones the certainty that you are traveling safely by sharing your location and driving status with them and letting them know that you have arrived safely.

Emergency call
In an emergency, you can contact the emergency services on site directly from the app. The app shows your location and your journey details so that you can inform the emergency services immediately.

Rate and tip the driver
After each ride, you can leave a rating and comments. You can also thank your driver by tipping them directly in the app.

The products available may vary depending on the city.

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