Why do most Christians worship on Sunday?

Why pray

Turn to God

Whoever prays turns to God. Everyone can do this in their own way, with their own words or with the words of well-known prayers, such as the Our Father. Many put their hands together or fold them to collect themselves - some close their eyes. There are many occasions and reasons for personal prayer. One can say prayers of intercession for the sick and suffering, or prayers of thanks for all that is beautiful in the world.

  • Every fifth German prays, almost nobody talks about it. Why? Prayer is intimate. What are the reasons for giving prayer a try? You will learn a few in the article.

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  • The Lord's Prayer is the oldest prayer in Christianity, handed down by Jesus himself. It is spoken in every service. Meanwhile, the Our Father bell rings and connects those praying in the church with their surroundings.

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  • Basic knowledge of belief

    Prayer means talking to God - whether it is about sharing worries and fears, asking for forgiveness or giving thanks. So every person is only one prayer away from God. The most famous prayer has been handed down by Jesus himself, it unites all Christians: the Lord's Prayer.

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  • World Day of Prayer is celebrated in ecumenical services in over 120 countries, also known as World Day of Prayer for Women. It takes place on the first Friday in March and deals with a different topic every year.

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  • When we lack our own words, words that have helped people before us help. The Lord's Prayer is such a prayer in difficult times. In the chrismon video, Margot Käßmann reveals why this prayer, which Jesus himself handed down to us, is so important to her.

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  • Martin Luther's prayers for the beginning and the end of the day - for after getting up or for going to bed.

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