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Bluetooth adapter test 2021

The easy way to Bluetooth connection - the best Bluetooth adapter 2021

With a Bluetooth adapter, the problem can be solved by a missing bluetooth module simply solve. The small device is simply connected via USB or jack and then ensures a problem-free Bluetooth connection to all devices. The small boxes are very inconspicuous and in most cases do not interfere with the operation of a laptop or computer. In this guide you can read which criteria you should pay attention to when buying the best Bluetooth adapter and which models do particularly well in the Bluetooth adapter test!

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Which Bluetooth adapters are there? - the different types in the overview

In general, most of the models in our Bluetooth adapter comparison are quite similar, so that individual types are difficult to classify. Even so, there are some products with special features, which we would like to introduce to you so that you can find your Bluetooth adapter test winner:

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Bluetooth adapter Artdescription
USB bluetooth adapterIn addition to the jack connections, USB Bluetooth adapters are the most common type. These are simply connected via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 and then enable a connection via Bluetooth.
Bluetooth adapter AuxA Bluetooth adapter with aux is particularly practical. This is simply connected to an existing jack connection and music can then be played via the respective device. Any music system that only has one jack can quickly become a Bluetooth speaker. The devices are also very suitable as a Bluetooth adapter in the car or for connecting to an iPod.
Bluetooth adapter with increased rangeAs you will read again below, the range plays a major role with Bluetooth adapters. To prevent problems, some models offer an increased range, which makes them stand out in the Bluetooth adapter test. You should particularly look at these models when making your purchase decision if you want to transmit a signal over long distances.
Bluetooth adapter with lightBluetooth adapters with a small lamp can also be very practical. Since the adapters are connected directly to the laptop, a small LED lamp on the device can be a useful addition. This signals to you whether the adapter is connected and shows you whether there are any problems.

Small differences with a big effect - the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of Bluetooth adapters

Of course, we would also like to offer you the Advantages of each type not withheld, which can turn out to be decisive when buying. Especially because the individual devices differ only minimally, the existing differences are more than important.

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Bluetooth adapter typeadvantagesdisadvantage
USB bluetooth adapter
  • Easy connection
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • sometimes difficult setup (driver)
  • Do not connect directly to audio equipment
Bluetooth adapter aux
  • Only jack connection required
  • easy handling
  • Listen to music via bluetooth
Bluetooth adapter with increased range
  • easy connection
  • easy handling
  • greater range
Bluetooth adapter with light
  • Easy handling
  • Quick check of functionality
  • Not useful for everyone
  • Light can be disturbing in the dark

Why do I need a bluetooth adapter?

When you hear the term Bluetooth adapter, many of you will probably wonder why you need such a device at all. This question can be answered quite easily, because Bluetooth is now one of the most popular most common standards for the wireless transmission of data. The technology is also very practical. Nevertheless, most hi-fi sound systems, like the Bose sounddock, do not have a Bluetooth module to receive signals. Other devices such as Samsung TV sets or TV headphones can also be used much more easily with the technology than with the cable. However, there is a problem with this: Unfortunately, the devices mentioned did not have these installed as standard. So if you have a Bose sounddock, you can usually not use via bluetooth. With a Bluetooth adapter, however, this is quickly possible, because the small device turns any other technical device into a Bluetooth receiver.

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Where can I use a Bluetooth adapter?

A Bluetooth adapter can be used for numerous uses. Since the device is generally used to provide a Device with bluetooth to equip, which normally does not have this function, the application purposes are practically unlimited. Because everything that can be implemented via a Bluetooth connection is possible thanks to your Bluetooth adapter. Nevertheless we would like you some uses imagine that make a Bluetooth adapter particularly worthwhile. If you buy a Bluetooth adapter, you may discover other advantages of the adapter! One of the best uses for a Bluetooth audio adapter is to stream music over wireless technology.

Good to know:
Although many sound boxes usually come with Bluetooth as standard, this is by no means the case everywhere. So if you have a box without bluetooth, the adapter can save you!
Regardless of whether it's the mobile sound box or the sound system at home, with a Bluetooth adapter you can control any music system with wireless radio technology. In this context, the Bluetooth adapters with aux are very worthwhile, which are about directly to an iPod or smartphone let connect. The devices with aux can also be used very well as Bluetooth adapters in the car, because many car radios have a jack connection, but not a built-in Bluetooth module. You can easily establish a wireless connection with a Bluetooth audio adapter and stream music in the car. Another special application is the use of the PS4 with a Bluetooth adapter. There are special models for this purpose that solve a common problem faced by gamers. With the Playstation can only certain headsets to use. With a Bluetooth adapter, you can simply connect any headset to the adapter and then use it with the Playstation. ยป More information

Compatibility is a big problem with Bluetooth adapters

If you want to buy a Bluetooth adapter that you want to use with your computer, you may well run into problems. That's because you're here in terms of the Compatibility very carefully must be.

With a Bluetooth adapter, a device without Bluetooth reception can be converted into a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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However, the problems are only relevant with USB Bluetooth adapters that are connected to the computer. Bluetooth adapters with Aux usually work without problems. The compatibility relates to the following three important aspects:
  • The computer's operating system
  • The connection with bluetooth
  • The connection via USB

Since most Bluetooth adapters are operated on a Windows computer, most problems also occur in this context. These are mostly due to the fact that the driver software was not installed properly or the version of the operating system not with the adapter is compatible. The situation is similar with the Bluetooth version, because although most adapters are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, there are exceptions here. The last aspect, the connection via USB, is relevant because some models come with USB 3.0, while others only work with USB 2.0. So you should take a closer look at our Bluetooth adapter comparison throw in order not to select the wrong device here.

From No-Name to Logitech - the most popular Bluetooth adapter manufacturers

Overall, the number of manufacturers is very clear, but this does not mean that they all do well in the Bluetooth adapter test. So you should be especially careful if you want to buy a Bluetooth adapter cheaply, because no name manufacturers usually promise a much lower quality. Such a Bluetooth adapter can be bought cheaply, but in most cases it has to be replaced promptly. Here is an overview of the most important manufacturers:

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  • Logitech
  • deleyCON
  • Avantree
  • CSL
  • Asus
  • LogiLink
  • No name or white label

Since it is a very small product, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet determined a Bluetooth adapter test winner. Therefore, apart from the Stiftung Warentest, it is worth taking a look at our Bluetooth adapter comparison to find the best model for you.

The best Bluetooth adapter: Conclusion on the Bluetooth adapter comparison

A Bluetooth adapter can be a useful addition and offer enormous added value in certain situations, for example in the car. But using it on your own stereo system, headphones or on a smartphone or tablet can also be very useful. For most of them, Bluetooth adapters with aux connections are relevant, although the small USB adapters for the computer can also be very useful.

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