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Swiss Patriot variant as a BODLUV system with a greater range

The tried and tested Patriot system enables modern air defense and economic growth for the Swiss defense industry.

While instability threatens Swiss airspace on a regional and global level, Raytheon Missiles & Defense, one of the four divisions of Raytheon Technologies, is working with Swiss defense companies to provide the Swiss military with the Patriot air defense system.

The company has teamed up with industrial partners Mercury Systems and Rheinmetall to develop a tailor-made Patriot system as a new ground-based air defense system with a greater range (Bodluv GR) for Switzerland.

“Working with Mercury and Rheinmetall gives us access to outstanding experts and skills in the country,” says Doug Stevenson, who heads the Patriot program for Switzerland at Raytheon Missiles & Defense.

«Patriot helps Swiss industry to grow. In addition, four other countries have carried out in-depth independent assessments over the past two years and have chosen Patriot over competing systems, ”explains Stevenson.

Global alliances are essential to effective defense

"A participation in industry can on the one hand achieve security and armament policy benefits for Switzerland and at the same time contribute to the expansion of Switzerland as an industrial location", as the report of the expert group on new combat aircraft commissioned by the federal government shows. The expert group was set up by the Federal Council and consists of representatives from the federal government, the military and the procurement sector.

Switzerland has special requirements for a ground-based air defense system, which are met through cooperation with Rheinmetall and Mercury.

For example, Rheinmetall contributes its local expertise in air defense to adapt the Patriot system to Swiss needs and to integrate the control and command system into the national defense infrastructure so that the Swiss military can operate it independently.

“Rheinmetall will be part of the value chain of the Patriot system,” explains Markus Oberholzer, Head of Global Engineering at Rheinmetall. “This applies to development, production and integration. This partnership is important and supports the Swiss defense industry. "

Rheinmetall has extensive experience with short-range air defense systems. With outstanding competencies in system development, system integration and production of various components of air defense systems, Rheinmetall is the ideal partner for Raytheon Missiles & Defense for the integration of the Patriot system into the control and command system and the air defense architecture of the Swiss military.

The partnership represents a natural next step in the strategic partnership between the companies that has existed since 2017.

At the same time, Mercury is the world leader in integrated mission-critical computer and electronics subsystems for the defense industry. The exclusive collaboration between Raytheon and Mercury in Geneva expands the extensive partnership that already exists for the Patriot system in the USA.

Thanks to the collaboration with Rheinmetall and Mercury, the Swiss team from Raytheon Missiles & Defense is ideally positioned to make the Swiss Air2030-Bodluv system with Patriot a reality and at the same time to generate economic growth in Switzerland.

“That means that we can also create long-term jobs here and support the Swiss military in maintaining the system,” says Peter Huber, Managing Director of Mercury Systems in Geneva.

"Here in Geneva we develop, produce and maintain electronic systems and computers for the defense industry as well as the aerospace industry."

The award of the contract to the selected provider is expected in early 2023.