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Food & drink in Norway

Fish is almost always on the menu of Norwegians (Gorlov-KV / Shutterstock.com)
The cuisine in Norway is very much influenced by nature. With over 24,000 kilometers of coastline, fresh fish should be on every Norwegian menu. But meat dishes that are served with potatoes and vegetables are also very popular. For dessert there are berries, often in combination with waffles and cream.

Fish and seafood

Salmon and herring in particular are among the most popular food fish in Norway. The forms of preparation vary from grilled, cured, or smoked. Gravlaks are a Norwegian specialty. It is a salmon pickled in a salt, sugar and dill mixture. Shrimp, cod and even whale meat are also popular fish that Norwegians like to eat.

Meat dishes

Reindeer meat and elk meat have long been part of the upscale Norwegian cuisine. Game dishes are often served with cream sauces and cranberries. Lamb and sheep dishes are also very popular in some parts of Norway. Special delicacies are fenalar, braised leg of lamb and smalahove, smoked sheep's head.

Cakes and desserts

The Norwegians also like to have sweets on the table. The most popular desserts include cakes and pancakes with blueberries, trollkrem with lingonberries, moltekrem with cloudberries or caramel pudding. As in Sweden, there are also delicious cinnamon buns in Norway. Here they are called skillingsbolle. At Christmas the julekake (Christmas cake) comes on the table.


The Norwegian likes to drink coffee at any time of the day. The prices for alcohol are very high. Nevertheless, beer and schnapps are eagerly and often consumed in Norway. The most famous schnapps is aquavit (akevit), which is distilled from potatoes and caraway seeds. Norwegian mulled wine (gløgg) is a must for Christmas. A very rich mulled wine with many different spices.

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Recipe: kransekake - Norwegian macaroon wreath

The kransekake, also called tower cake, is a Norwegian specialty. In many families the cake is baked for Christmas, but a festively decorated kransekake is also a part of weddings and confirmations.

Recipe: svineribbe - Christmas rib

Svineribbe is a traditional Christmas meal in Norway. In many families it is served as a Christmas roast on Christmas Eve. The preparation of the ribs is relatively time-consuming, but the result is all the more delicious.

Pinnekjøtt - Cured lamb rib

Pinnekjøtt is a traditional Christmas dish in some regions of western Norway. The name pinnekjøtt comes from kjøtt (meat) and pinne (chopsticks). The preparation of the cured lamb rib is relatively time-consuming.