Why is gift wrapping so boring?

Packing anticipation: this is how you pack your Christmas gifts creatively and sustainably!

Christmas: That means love for the soul - time with the family and a few days to relax and unwind. Love for the stomach - favorite dishes from morning to evening and the ball-shaped food baby is practically part of the dress code. But Christmas also means love to wrap: presents to keep, so that Christmas and the affection of your loved ones can always be carried with you even after the reflective time.

Between twinkling lights and favorite people, unwrapping presents is one of the highlights of Christmas for many. Colorful wrapping paper, bright bows, and pretty ribbons may look nice, but conventional wrapping paper is not the most sustainable option. Because wrapping paper is often chemically colored, coated with plastic or decorated with glitter particles and gold elements that are not degradable. The plastic bow and plastic tape make the gift look nice, but they're not good for the environment either.

There are numerous alternatives to classic wrapping paper to make Christmas gifts not only more sustainable, but also more creative - and thus not only bring joy to our fellow human beings, but also to the environment at Christmas. We'll show you the best 5 tips for wrapping gifts sustainably and plastic-free!

Sustainable gift packaging made of fabric

The most sustainable alternative to nicely wrap your gifts are fabrics. Regardless of whether it is leftover fabric or clothing that you no longer wear, such as scarves, T-shirts, jeans or shawls - the various brightly colored patterns, colors and textures allow you to conjure up unique, reusable gift packaging! We'll show you two ways you can use the fabric packaging skillfully.

Variant 1: You can easily cut your own fabric gift wrapping yourself

With a large pair of scissors, you can easily cut fabrics to the right size and wrap the gift in them. The packaging can easily be reused next year - and we are guaranteed to celebrate some Christmas parties with you!

When packing with fabric, for example, you can use the Furoshiki style apply. With this Japanese method, you can Wrap gifts in a creative and minimalist way. Here Marie Kondo shows you personally how it works!

Variant 2: Make your self-designed DIY bag as gift packaging

All you need is a little more time and desire to be creative - and you'll be giving your loved ones twice as much! The bag can be reused for giving away or for shopping.For example, here you can find a tutorial on how to easily sew a bag yourself.

Do you have no time or no fabrics at home? Then you can easily buy beautiful, reusable fabric packaging. From cotton gift bags, to Christmas sacks like Santa Claus himself, to finished cotton wrapping paper in Christmas patterns, you will find numerous ideas online that will make every creative heart beat faster. If you want to make another loved one happy on the side, then buy something from small dealers for Christmas (e.g. via Etsy) - and support your heart project.

Sustainable gift packaging made of paper

If you'd prefer to wrap your gifts in the classic way with paper, you don't have to do without it. There are numerous sustainable alternatives to traditional wrapping paper - which also invite you to be creative yourself and personalize your gifts with hearts and bright colors!

Wrapping paper

The brown paper can be bought cheaply or comes free with the online order of your gift. Compared to normal wrapping paper, it is much more sustainable because it is plastic-free and degradable. The brown alone is too boring for you? Then it's time to unpack the craft kit and lots of colorful ideas! With a little creativity you can make the paper Christmassy and very individual.
For example, make gift wrapping yourself an experience with friends, your children or grandchildren. With colored pens, scissors and pretty paper, you can lose yourself in creativity, anticipation and laughing loudly for as long as you want.

By the way: If you want to reuse the paper, you can easily iron it out again! Here you can find out what to look out for.


Give your newspaper a second life after reading it - as wrapping paper! With it you not only wrap your gifts sustainably, but also give them a cool retro look. Every newspaper has different fonts, headlines and photos that give your gift a unique, personal touch.

Magazine paper

If you feel like getting started tinkering, flip through your old magazines! You can conjure up cool collages from the colorful photos and designed fonts and turn the packaging into a gift.

Old map and poster

When you go to the flea market next time, keep an eye out for old cards and posters. You can often get these for very little money - and send the historical treasures on a completely new journey as wrapping paper and good luck charms.

More storage ideas to reuse

Pretty boxes, colorful paper bags, decorated wooden boxes, mason jars - depending on the size, pack your gift in one of these storage ideas! Your family and friends are sure to be delighted not only with the gift itself, but also with the packaging: Whether you keep the gift, memories or anticipation for the next year in it - these packaging ideas are guaranteed to look forward to a second life as a treasure chest!

Sustainable alternatives to adhesive tape

Very few bother removing the tape from the wrapping paper before throwing it away. However, conventional adhesive tape is made of plastic and is therefore not recyclable. Fortunately, there are some sustainable alternatives, for example made from bamboo or hemp.

You can also simply leave out the tape! Wrapping paper and newsprint in particular are easy to fold and often hold better than normal wrapping paper. With the right folding technique, you can easily seal up all sorts of treasures - and guarantee so tightly that no gap gives you an idea of ​​what little happiness is hidden behind the packaging.

Sustainable, creative decoration for your Christmas gifts

Is your gift still missing that certain something? Before you grab the plastic ribbon - try thinking a little differently! There are so many options that are not only more sustainable, but also more extraordinary than the usual colorful packaging that usually lies under the Christmas tree year after year.

Maybe you feel the same way - the most beautiful things, the greatest inspiration, can often be found outside in nature. What could be nicer than the sound of blue waves, the scent of green fir or the bright yellow taste of fresh citrus fruits? Take this feeling and decorate your gift with it! With small fir branches, pressed leaves and flowers, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and dried fruits you can decorate your packaging individually and give small natural wonders as a gift. You can easily replace plastic tape with twine and thread, e.g. made of jute fabric. If you want to lose yourself a little longer in a cozy afternoon of handicrafts at home, try out origami or cut-out shapes made of paper to give your packaging the finishing touch. What is tinkered with so much love is received with a double smile!

Do you already have in mind who you want to surprise with which gift packaging this year? The best thing about sustainable packaging is that you are not only doing something good for the environment, but also giving your loved ones twice as much joy. And you can also get creative at the same time! Every gift has a very personal, emotional value - through its uniqueness, its colorful pictures and handicrafts. Or because this bag, this bag, this precious material lies under the tree year after year, filled with small and large miracles and promises a radiant smile every year.