Roofing work is really that difficult

Broken bricks, clogged rain gutters, storm damage or a leaky roof - the search for a roofer often results from an acute occasion. It is all the more important to stay calm when looking for the right roofer. This is the only way to find a competent company that works reliably, professionally and at fair prices. The following seven tips will help you find a good roofer - whether in an emergency or for a longer-planned renovation project.

Tip 1: Find local roofers

The right roofer can usually be found nearby. This is beneficial in a number of ways. First of all, it saves long journeys and thus lowers the associated travel costs. In addition, short distances facilitate the exchange between craftsmen and clients. First viewing appointments can be implemented more quickly by roofers in the vicinity and emergencies caused by wind and weather can also be dealt with promptly.

Tip 2: rely on recommendations

Probably the oldest advertising method known to mankind is probably still the best: word of mouth. No good acquaintance would recommend a dubious roofer to others. Asking a friend does not cost anything and usually gives good results.

Ask friends with similar problems on the roof

However, the quality of the work done also depends on the task at hand. Not every work on the roof is the hobbyhorse of every roofing company. "So if you are looking for a competent roofer, you should definitely ask friends who have had a problem or concern similar to yours," advises Tim Leuwer, master roofer and managing director of Setz und Leuwer.

Tip 3: Good roofers have specialties

Just as restaurants shouldn't have a 20-page menu, it is also not a good sign for roofing companies if their service portfolio is larger than average. "Before choosing the right roofer, it makes sense to think about what you attach particular importance to when working on your roof," says Tobias Setz, also a master roofer and managing director of the roofing company Setz und Leuwer from Hennef in the Rhein Sieg district.

From flat roofs to sustainability

A flat roof specialist has already built or renovated hundreds of flat roofs, gained a lot of experience and has the right tools at hand. Roofing companies who, for example, are committed to sustainability know how to use different materials correctly and in an environmentally friendly way.

Tip 4: You can recognize good roofers by their service

Roofers shouldn't just stand on the roof in silence and do their work. Explanation and advice are just as much part of the job of a good roofer as insulating and covering the roof. “Customer orientation is the be-all and end-all. Compliance with agreed schedules, the quick implementation of inquiries and the preparation of non-binding offers should be just as natural for every roofer as the careful handling of your property,” reports Tobias Setz.

Tip 5: Online reviews help to find good roofers

Search engines like Google now make it easy to find good service providers. Often it is enough to enter search terms such as “roofer Bonn”, “roofer sustainable” or “roofer good” to display a large selection of roofers. And not only that: Many craft businesses already have reviews and ratings from former customers that should be taken into account when choosing the right roofer.

Tip 6: The price is not everything

"As with most handicrafts, the same applies to roofs: the lowest price is not a criterion for the best deal," notes master roofer Tim Leuwer. The quality often suffers from low prices if, for example, savings are made on the quality of the material. The renovation or the construction of a new roof is an important investment in the future. Because the quality of the roof is a decisive factor for the value of a property. In addition, consequential damage caused by botched construction ultimately makes the project significantly more expensive. The one-time higher investment in a skilled roofer is definitely worth it.

Tip 7: recognize black sheep

In addition to reviews on Google and a serious appearance on site, there are other quality features that you can consider when choosing the right roofer.

Registration with the roofers' guild

The registration of the roofing company in the responsible guild is an important reassurance. Because in the event of problems or poor performance, the contracted roofing company can be contacted via the guild to request that the work carried out be repaired. In addition, guild companies are usually connected to arbitration bodies that resolve any discrepancies that may arise quickly and in a customer-oriented manner.

Reject undeclared work in any case

Professional roofers should not even offer work that is carried out without a valid contract. If you are confronted with such an offer anyway, it is imperative to refuse it. Because in the case of work carried out in black, there is no claim to liability for any defects that may occur.

Master's certificate for masterful work

The master craftsman's certificate is a promise of quality and is regarded as one of the trade mark of quality par excellence. What many also do not know: The roofing trade is subject to the master's obligation in Germany. Anyone who offers roofing work in the company without a master roofer carries out the work without permission. The result: the contract is invalid and liability for defects is no longer possible afterwards.

Finding reliable roofers is not difficult ...

... but if possible, you should take the time to choose the right roofer. It is best to combine the mentioned selection criteria with one another. It is also advisable to obtain one or two comparative offers from regional roofers for large orders. In principle, you shouldn't just go by price. The appearance and service of the roofer are also of great importance.

Are you looking for a roofer in the Cologne / Bonn area or the Rhein Sieg district? Contact us! We at Setz und Leuwer will be happy to convince you of our work and are the right contact for questions about roofing and sustainable handicrafts.