What foods grow on trees

19 Fruits and Vegetables You Didn't Know How To Grow

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Eggplants are berries?

1. Eggplants grow on low plants and are technically berries (what the heck).

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2. Cashew nuts grow at the bottom of these weird apple-like things and have poisonous shells, which is why you never get them unpeeled in the store.

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3. Artichokes are thistle-like flowers - the part we eat is the bud of the flower - and they produce these beautiful blooms that make the rest of the plant inedible.

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4. Quinoa is the edible seed of this plant.

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5. Pineapple grows in the middle of these cute plants. And pineapple fields look so fantastic.

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6. Avocados grow on trees.

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7. Kiwis grow on vines. For some reason, I always imagined a tree ...

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8. Almonds are the seeds of this tree. They grow in wooden bowls.

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9. Ginger is the underground root of this plant.

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10. Papayas grow like bananas in a herb on a tree.

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11. Kidney beans grow naturally in pods.

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12. Dates grow in large, hanging clusters on date palms.

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13. Capers are the inlaid flower buds of this plant.

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14. Brussels sprouts grow above the ground on those crazy stems.

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15. Celery also just grows out of the ground.

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16. Chickpeas grow on low plants in these small, green bowls.

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17. Olives grow on these strange looking trees and are harvested by shaking the branches or trees until they fall.

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18. Cinnamon is simply the inner, dried bark of this tree.

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19. Broccoli is just the flower of this plant

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