People change 2

The government has set new rules.
The rules are called federal emergency brakes.
Because of the federal emergency brake, there are also new rules in Rhineland-Palatinate.

These are the new rules:

You have to stay at home between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

You are allowed during this time no Visit friends.

But you can leave home
when you have to go to work.

And you can go for a walk or jog alone until midnight.

  • Number when meeting other people
    When you meet a lot of people privately,
    then you can get a penalty.

  • Incidence higher than 165
    If the incidence is higher than 165,
    then the pupils have to study from home.
    There is only one emergency care at the school.
    In the kindergarten there is only one emergency care.

  • Quick test
    To do some things
    need a negative quick test.
    The test is allowed Not be older than 1 day.

For example for these things:

  • for the hairdresser

  • for foot care

  • for the zoo

  • Incidence higher than 100
    If the incidence is higher than 100,

then sometimes you have to wear an FFP2 mask.

For example:

In the bus and in the train

Incidence means:

This is how many out of 100,000 people contracted the corona virus within a week.


What remains important:

You need to decrease your contacts.

If the incidence is less than 100,

then 2 households can meet.

However, there may be a maximum of 5 people.

Children under the age of 14 will be Not counted in.

If the incidence is higher than 100,

then only 2 people from 2 households are allowed to meet.

Children under 6 will be Not counted in.


It may be,

that the rules will change again.

For example:

Some things can be done again.

Whether this is so depends on the incidence.

Have more than 100 people in one Corona area

the rules are getting stricter again.


Quick test

From theMarch 8, 2021 everyone can do a Corona quick test.

This works once a week.

This quick test is free of charge.

The people in Rhineland-Palatinate can go to 1000 test centers.

You can find an overview of the test sites here


Some people need to get tested.

For these people this is testingNot voluntary.

People need to take a quick test if they:

  • get a cosmetic treatment

  • sitting outside in a restaurant

  • are close to another person

  • the maskNot can carry.

You can also do a self-test for this.


You need to do a quick test

if you work in a home for the elderly or in a nursing home.


From the7th of April all students should be tested.

It should be like this twice a week.


Vacationers have to take a test

when they fly to Germany.

You can only go to Germany

if you did a quick test.


SinceJanuary 25, 2021 you must wear a medical mask.

For example:

  • in the service of God

  • in the bus and in the train

  • in shops


Your boss must enable you to work from home.

This means:

If you can,

then you should work from home.


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