How do you smell good when you kiss

Knowledge How do i kiss properly

The first kiss. Who doesn't remember one of the most exciting teenage experiences. Some try their hand at tongue acrobatics, others with real feeling. The fact is: What the first kiss was like remains in your head! Because whether the chemistry between two people is right can be determined by the first lip contact. So the success of a good kiss is super important. But nobody wants to work their way through a jungle of tongues and lips until they finally find the perfect technique! So we provide you with tips and tricks to make your kisses magical! In a nutshell: not too fast, not too demanding - but with a lot of feeling.

Attention before we start!

  • Of course you should take the other person as he is. But the first impression counts and shouldn't be influenced by a garlic flag! For your own well-being and the effect on your counterpart, you should therefore pay attention to how you smell. Either omit the garlic beforehand or counteract it with chewing gum and mint candy. Just the smell gives the body signals as to whether or not you are a good match. The better you smell, the more attractive you look. So the neck is a perfect place for a little perfume!
  • Your lips should also be cared for! With a little lip balm, your kisses will be even more tender. Tip: lip scrubs you can get it in every drugstore for as little as 2 euros. They remove fine flakes of skin and ensure long-term supple lips.

May I or may I not (yet)?

The question of all questions. When is the right time. You can easily tell whether you should wait a little longer or whether your counterpart has been waiting for a kiss for hours. In terms of body language:If the person seems very open and seeks your closeness - for example through small touches - then you have a go! It has also been proven that women stretch their necks when they find a man attractive. Men, on the other hand, often stroke their hair when trying to please a woman. Very important: never force something, for a good kiss both have to want it!

The right kiss technique is crucial!

Now the time has come, the other person shows you that he / she is ready and you have been waiting for it the whole time anyway. We can finally start - but how?

  1. Not too wild! At the beginning you should start calmly - don't rush you kiss all night long!
  2. Not too wet! You can also give your tongue a break.
  3. Show feeling! You can convey a lot of emotions through light touches while kissing and at different speeds. You don't need to disguise or contort yourself for this.
  4. Get involved with your kissing partner! Every now and then your counterpart should also be allowed to lead, so you can also find out what he / she likes.

If you follow these tips, you are welcome to play a little with your kisses. Take short breaks and vary your kisses. A quick touch with the tip of your tongue or a light bite of your lower lip makes it all even more exciting!