What is the term office

Office communication

all with the coordination of processes based on the division of labor
related questions of information processing, insofar as these predominate
is handled by employees in the administrative area. Since such
Office work depends significantly on the quality of information transfer between
depend on the parties involved, they are called in global form
"Office communication" discussed. The term therefore means the
information process-oriented consideration of the coordination of economic activity by office workers.

In the narrower sense, with office communication
the various new technical support options of the
aforementioned work meant. In particular, the term covers the increasing
Penetration of the office with integrated office technology. The growing together of
classic office technology (typewriter, booking machine, copier) with
information technology (computers, databases) and communication technologies
(Data, text, image, voice communication with the help of technical equipment,
Telecommunications) leads to new organizational structures and processes
Structures and performance qualities in the area of ​​office work (communication effects,
office of the future). In this sense, office communication is closely related to
the terms "telematics" (linking the terms telecommunications and
Computer science), "Compunication" (linking the terms computer and
Communication) and "office automation" (automation trends for
standardized office work with the help of integrated office technology)

Literature: Picot, A./Reichwald, R., Bürokommunikation, 3rd edition, Munich 1987.

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