Where can I learn English pronunciation online

English Pronunciation: 12 Tips to Learn, Practice, and Improve (Including Pronunciation of the English Alphabet)!

"English is a piece of cake" (English is the easiest language in the world). Surely you have heard this saying? But is that really the case?

If you want to have a presentable English, you can not only learn grammar, but also have to study yours English pronunciation work. And that often sounds easier than it is in the truest sense of the word.

That's why we have you covered in the following post 12 tips (10 slightly shorter and 2 slightly more detailed) with which you can learn, practice and improve the English pronunciation. And the best part about it? You can implement most of our tips easily and comfortably from the comfort of your home sofa.

Well then - let's get started and first take a look at the table of contents so that you can see what you’re talking about in our post on the topic "How can I improve my English pronunciation?" expected.

Table of Contents:

  1. The pronunciation of the English alphabet (including PDF for download).
  2. You can hear self-doubt - speak confidently, clearly and distinctly.
  3. Hear English in all its forms (music, videos, podcasts, films, audio books).
  4. Practice pronunciation of English letters, sounds, and words.
  5. Read (and especially read aloud) English texts.
  6. Imitate native English speakers - from soccer stars to queens.
  7. Improve your English pronunciation with tongue twisters and rhymes.
  8. Improve English pronunciation with movies - step-by-step guide.
  9. Find an English-speaking tandem partner.
  10. Improve your English pronunciation with an app.
  11. Take an online course to improve your English pronunciation.
  12. Spend some time in an English-speaking country.
  13. English lessons via Skype: Professional help as required.
  14. Conclusion: how do I improve my English pronunciation?

1. The pronunciation of the English alphabet (including PDF for download).

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In English, as in German, there is only 26 letters, however, will be round 44 sounds differentiated, i.e. a letter has more than just one sound. There are also different dialects in English, just like in German. Depending on where they come from, they utter the same sound a little differently.

Also is the pronunciation of the letters of the English alphabet significantly different than in German. In the following table you will find the pronunciation of the individual English letters both in phonetic transcription and in the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).

LetterPronunciationPronunciation (IPA)
A.a/ eɪ /
C.cee/ siː /
D.dee/ diː /
E.ee/ iː /
F.ef/ ɛf /
Ggee/ d͡ʒiː /
Haitch/ eɪt͡ʃ /
sometimes haitch in Irish or Australian English/ heɪt͡ʃ /
I.aye/ aɪ /
Jjay/ d͡ʒeɪ /
jy in Scottish English/ d͡ʒaɪ /
Kkay/ keɪ /
L.el/ ɛɫ /
M.em/ ɛm /
Nen/ ɛn /
OO/ əʊ /
Qcue/ kjuː /
R.ar/ ɑː /
S.ess/ ɛs /
Ttea/ tiː /
Uu/ juː /
V.vee/ viː /
W.double-u/ ˈDʌbljuː /
Xex/ ɛks /
Ywy or wye/ waɪ /
Zzed/ zɛd /
zee in american english/ ziː /

Here you can download the table with the English alphabet and its pronunciation as a PDF.

As you have already heard, in addition to 26 letters, English also knows 44 sounds (= phonemes). In the following video you will get to know them and their correct pronunciation.

If you would like to find out more about English phonemes, you can do so on this (English-language) website.

2. One hears self-doubt - therefore speak confidently, clearly and distinctly.

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A study by the American psychology professor Albert Mehrabian once came to the conclusion that words are only 7% responsible for the overall impression that a person makes on the person they are speaking to. The tone of voice counts for 38% and body language for 55%.

That means: When you're scared of it to speak English, then your counterpart will also hear that in a conversation. So leave your self-doubts aside, following the phrase "Nobody’s Perfect", next time you want to talk in English.

If you only speak clearly, clearly and with confidence, you will end up with small mistakes in pronunciation and grammar easily forgiven. You will see.

3. Hear English in all its forms (music, podcasts, videos, films, audio books).

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If you want to improve your English pronunciation, you first have to sharpen your ear for the language and Improve your English listening comprehension. Because how would you like to imitate a tone or sound that you cannot hear or understand yourself.

Therefore, listen to English as much as possible. Surround yourself properly with the language (a process known as immersion). There are a variety of options available to you, such as music, audios (podcasts), videos, films and audio books.

In the end, it doesn't matter which format you use, the input is important. In the best case (or if you are still a beginner), you also have the text available as a transcript or subtitle.

Here we have put together some free resources with English-language audios for you:

4. Practice pronunciation of English letters, sounds and words.

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“Practice makes perfect”: This also (or above all) applies to learning languages. So practice the pronunciation of the English sounds we have already introduced - for this you can use the video from point 1, for example - as well as whole words and sentences in English.

A tool or a website that is ideally suited for this is Forvo. There you will find hundreds of thousands of words from various languages ​​that have been set to music by native speakers. You can also enter your own inquiries or put your own words to music, which means that Forvo continues to grow.

5. Read (and especially read aloud) English texts.

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Reading English texts and above all reading them out loud will help you To get used to the sound of your own voice while speaking English. In this way you will not be frightened in an "emergency" and above all reduce the self-doubts already mentioned in point 2 and build self-confidence.

By reading English-language texts “aloud” you not only expand your vocabulary, but also improve your pronunciation at the same time.

At the same time, you should try to read or speak fluently instead of pronouncing each word individually. Just like you would in a conversation.

If you can't imagine anything like that right now, let me give you a small example.

First, read the following simple English sentence as normal and without thinking: No, not at all.

And now read the sentence again, but this time “fluently”. That means, you pronounce the words which are connected with ^ together: No, not ^ at ^ all.

And - did you notice the difference? Yes? Very good!

You can find a few freely available and short English texts to practice here and here.

Here you can find: Our recommendations for books and textbooks for learning English!

6. Imitate native English speakers - from football stars to queens.

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When you someday want to listen like a native English speaker, then it's best to start imitating them. It doesn't matter who you imitate - it can be a well-known personality like a rock or film star, a fictional character like Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean or just your new Californian friend. Important is, that you slip completely into the role of your alter ego (= other self).

The more you transform yourself into this personality, the better and more believable your English accent will sound. So not only imitate the pronunciation, but also other properties such as gestures, facial expressions, gait and other behaviors (with Jack Sparrow, however, we would be a little more careful).

You can also sing along to your favorite English songs, if you enjoy singing, the only important thing is that you imitate the interpreters as closely as possible. That way, learning English can actually be fun.

Here you can find: Our interview with Idahosa Ness, about the mimic method he developed to reduce accent and improve your pronunciation.

7. Improve your English pronunciation with tongue twisters and rhymes.

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An excellent way to How you can improve your English pronunciation are also called “tongue twisters”. In a group and as a friendly competition, these are even more fun. So find a few friends who are also learning English, or classmates, and together you can get started.

English tongue twisters are a great way to improve your English pronunciation. But also here applies again - speak out loud!

Rules of the game: Make a list of English tongue twisters (or rhymes) and go through them one by one. Whoever manages to be the first to pronounce it without a mistake and without a break receives one point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the list wins. And in order to be fair, the first attempt at each tongue twister turns in turn to a different player.

Here we have put together a few well-known English tongue twisters for you. But try it out right away to see if you can pronounce them correctly.

Let's start easily:

I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen.

And did it? Very good - then let's try a slightly more demanding one:

Susie works in a shoeshine shop. Where she shines she sits, and where she sits she shines.

Still too easy? Well, let's see if you can count yourself among the English tongue twister masters:

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

And - tongue knotted now? Yes? Outstanding! By the way, here you can find our compilation of 51 English tongue twisters including a German translation.

A game, which is about the correct pronunciation of English rhymes, tongue twisters and jokes, and which we can recommend is “Are You Joking ?: Learning English is a joke!” (*). With this you can improve or refresh your English skills together with several other players in an entertaining way.

"Are You Joking?" however, it is intended for a somewhat advanced knowledge of English. For beginners (or children) the English language game “Absolutely English! (*) ”, Which is based on a similar principle, but is not quite as demanding in terms of tasks and texts.

8. Improve English pronunciation with films - step-by-step instructions.

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Initiative is arguably the most important factor in successfully learning English pronunciation (and not just this). This is also true learning with movies too.

If you use films correctly and not just passively consume them (although this of course has an effect - see point 3), they can do a lot to improve your English pronunciation. So how do you use them correctly?

    • First you have to choose a suitable film. Films that have to do with everyday life, e.g. Bridget Jones’s Diary, are best suited. Historical or science fiction films such as Star Wars are unsuitable.
    • You also have to Choose your dialect carefully and ask yourself the question: Do I want to acquire an accent from Great Britain or America, one from London or Scotland, one from Texas or one from California?
    • On the first day Do you see the whole film with German subtitles at.
    • Then you choose a scene of about two minutes and watch them with subtitles in English (you should of course choose one in which there is a lot of talk). You write down the English words or phrases that you don't know and look up their meanings. Here you will find a selection of different online dictionaries (language tools) that are suitable for this. Now look at the scene again and pay close attention to these newly learned words and sentences.
    • On the second day you concentrate exclusively on this scene. Listen carefully and pay attention to the pronunciation of the new words.
    • On the third day you should already be able to understand everything. From now on, work on your pronunciation. Play a sentence and then repeat it. Go through the whole scene this way. Use emotions and correct pronunciation.
    • On the fourth day you look at the scene one more time and repeat what is being said without pausing. Use English subtitles if necessary.
    • From the fifth day you are the actor and play through the whole scene.
    • On the sixth day you play through the scene and record yourself in the process. Then look at the original in comparison to your own recording. Do you already sound like the actors in the film?
  • On the seventh day you can finally move on to the next scene and start over with it.

9. Find an English-speaking tandem partner.

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Yes, admittedly - this may not be the biggest news for you, but it is still one of the most effective methodsto improve your English pronunciation. And also one of the easiest to implement, because tandem exchanges and thus also partners can be found nowadays like the proverbial sand by the sea. And that both offline and online.

When chatting with an English-speaking tandem partner, you not only improve your English in a cozy atmosphere, but also make new friends at the same time.

We have a detailed one for you so that your language exchange becomes the success you want Advice on the topic of tandem talks composed. In this, we have also put together a variety of options that you can use to find a tandem partner that is right for you.

10. Improve your English pronunciation with an app.

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Another excellent optionto improve your English pronunciation Voice apps for your smartphone. After all, you have this one almost always there, and thus you can also use small time windows and breaks to study.

However, the range of such apps for learning English is now available even bigger than for the aforementioned tandem exchanges, so that the choice is not easy. In order to make your work a little easier, we have below our personal favorites compiled.


Provides excellent English vocabulary skillsr. This costs around 5 euros once and contains for this price 3000 pre-made index cards with the most important English words and phrases, which you can also freely add your own vocabulary.

Another advantage of the Mosalingua vocabulary trainer is that you can listen to the audio version recorded by a native English speaker of every word and phrase. In this way you will learn the correct pronunciation for every new word.The vocabulary trainer is for bothAndroid as well as foriOS available.

And if you are yours Improve business English then Mosalingua even offers its own Business English vocabulary trainer at. This one is for bothAndroid as well asiOS available.

Get to know the world of Mosalingua language courses (free)


Is aLanguage learning app, at which completely onAudios and learning by hearingis set.

The app uses so-called language showers of 15-20 minutes in length with a combination of relaxing music and dialogues in the foreign language.

By the quiet and specially selected Music in combination with rhythmic speaking become the ideal conditions created to accommodate the new vocabulary in your brain.

The big advantage is in addition to this relaxation effect, that you have the speech showers ideally integrate into your everyday life can.

You can listen to music almost always - both on the go and at home - or not?

Here you can find ours Experience with the Jicki language showers read up (test).

The Jicki online language courses range fromA1 to B1-B2 and for each level you get a certain number of lessons (usually 10-12) as well Bookletwith theDialogues to read along, asall vocabulary used to.

Try Jicki (with 2 free lessons) without obligation

11. Take an online course to improve your English pronunciation.

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If you have the time (or also lust) is missing, about you Put together your own learning materials, then of course you can do the same operate an online course, to improve your English pronunciation.

Bei the multitude of offers in the market, it often is not that easythe right one for your personal needs to find.

One English conversation course, which we, however personally recommend is the one of Mosalingua. This is not only based on the latest scientific findings in linguistic research, but was also made in cooperationwith a variety of language experts and well-known polyglots developed.

Furthermore, Mosalingua offers you a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you notice within the first thirty days that the course does not suit you, you can take it at any time terminate without giving a reason. And of course you receive the full purchase price will be refunded.

The Mosalearning Methodbasedup to datescientific knowledge. And on Facebook you get in the MasterCLASS grouppersonal support by Sam and Luca / the two founders of Mosalingua). You can also find yourself in this exchange with other course participants.

You also receive with theCode “SPRACHHELD” 20% discount on the purchase price. All you have to do is specify this when registering.

Finally speak English with Mosalingua!

An online course to improve your English pronunciation can be a useful addition if you don't want to waste time putting together your own material.

Another great way to improve your English, are the Video courses from LinguaTV. With these you will learn based on short, authentic learning videos - recorded of course by native English speakers - also an equally authentic English pronunciation. From the German Federal Ministry for Research and Education funded, multiple awards and from thousands of users (as well as us) recommended.

Speak English fluently (and authentically) with LinguaTV

12. Spend some time in an English speaking country.

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This is of course a variant that, depending on the respective living conditions, not open to everyone. However, if you have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, an exchange program or for a professional period in an English-speaking country, then definitely take advantage of this.

Nowhere in the world is it more comfortable to chat about god and the world - and probably also something about classic British sports such as football and rugby - than in an English pub.

Because nowhere do you learn a language faster and more profoundly than in a country in which it is spoken. You hear the language all the time, read the language all the time, and you will most likely be forced to speak it all the time too.

Find out here: How long does it take to learn a foreign language abroad?

If you have little time and money to spare, Of course, a one to several week language trip would be an option. On one of these, you are not only in English-speaking countries, but also receive professional intensive tuition over several hours a day.

You can then use the knowledge acquired in class consolidate directly through application, whereby they are saved more efficiently and permanently. Learning languages ​​is actually not much more effective (but it is also not much more cost-intensive). If you would like to find out more about language travel, you can do so in our detailed guide on the topic.

13. English lessons via Skype: Professional help as required.

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We already have one for you Variety of ways and meansto improve your English pronunciation. But what if, despite all the practice, you are still not sure whether your pronunciation sounds authentic? Or some sounds may still not come out of your mouth properly despite all the videos you have seen and audios heard.

In this case you can of course click professional help in the form of online English lessons via Skype To fall back on. Where are they now Similarities and differences between the two forms of learning Online English Course and Online English Class?

First of all, close it bothmodern technologies, such as using the computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. That represents especially with children and young English learners one Motivational factor In both cases, the student also retains control over the order, the pace and the timing of the lessons. So you are Completely independent of time and place.

Online English courses Offer a more comprehensive offer as English lessons via Skype, but not always for the benefit and success of the student, because he sets you very high proportion of initiative ahead.

Regardless of whether you want to learn English or American English - an experienced teacher can give you the finishing touches.

Why? Most online courses offer this a very extensive program to the also boring and ineffective grammar exercises includes. You usually have to deal with this yourself, i. H. You also have to learn the grammatical rules on your own, as they not explained by a professional teacher become.

English lessons via Skype is, as the name suggests, taught via Skype. The big advantage is that you do not forego professional supportn have to. You always have them by your side.

To improve your pronunciation is this support particularly important. Through his experience, you can a good teacher can tell you exactly why you are not pronouncing a sound correctly. Is it because of the tongue movement, the mouth movement, or even both? He can follow you help by demonstrating and making corrections, learn the correct movements of the tongue and mouth.

Get: Essential tips for small talk and conversation in English from a native English teacher.

I.For example, in English there is / iː / and / ɪ /. These usually mean that a sound is pronounced long. Many English learners who see these sounds for the first time expect both of them to stand for an "i". But that doesn't correspond at all to the English pronunciation.

It is correct that / ɪ / for example in live, fish or biscuits occurs. But the sound / iː / comes in words like leave, week or people before. Repeat these words once! Can you tell the difference? And would you have recognized it without this explanation?

The method of learning English that we always recommendis the Callan Method. They also offer online English lessons via Skype.

The Callan Method is a method of learning Englishwhich onListening, speaking and repetitionputs. Your focus is therefore heavily onExercise and application and that from the very first lesson.And not on memorization of grammatical structures and vocabulary in preparation for the language to speak at some point. Like this unfortunatelyin English class at school or in most English language courses the case is.

Although the methoddeveloped around 60 years ago became, and meanwhileat hundreds of language schools in over 30 countries used successfully in the world, it isstill largely unknown in German-speaking countries.

Jeremy has the method personally tried to be Brush up on Englishafter he happened upon her. To do this he took Online English lessons via Skype several times a week over a period of several monthsAnd without wanting to anticipate too much -the result has completely convinced him.

Read his experiences with the Callan Method here!

Get a free Callan trial lesson here!

14. Conclusion: How do I improve my English pronunciation?

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As you've heard or read, there are a variety of ways to improve your English pronunciation. Therefore there should be something for everyone. For every budget, for every type of learner and for both beginners and advanced learners. The possibilities are there as you can see, now it is up to you to use them.

And finally, tell us: Which tip did you personally like the most? Which or which of them will you use? Which or which do you already use? And do you perhaps have one or more tips yourself that we should definitely include in this list? Let us know in the comments, we look forward to your opinion!

And - how did you like my contribution? Please leave me a review:

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