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Christmas in Australia


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Christmas is celebrated completely differently in Australia than here - and yet somehow not. How the Aussies celebrate Australia, I'll tell you here. In Australia, unlike us, people don't hope for snow at Christmas. Because in December it is summer in Australia and you can think of a snow-white sandy beach rather than cold snow. Nevertheless, there are many parallels to our Christmas party.

Christmas in Australia = Christmas in summer

If you now think that Christmas without the cold can certainly not bring a real Christmas feeling, then you are mistaken. I've spent many Christmases Down Under, always had a wonderful Christmas mood and love it. Of course, this can also have something to do with my local family, because I basically think that Christmas is a family celebration. For me it is just nice to spend Christmas in summer, in my home country we hardly have any snow for Christmas anyway, so it's midsummer in Australia and we can go to the beach. I think it's just a matter of getting used to spending Christmas in Australia in the summer.

Christmas in Australia - preparation and decoration

The first thing you will notice in Australia at Christmas is the Christmas decorations in the shops. The last few years it has gotten a little more for us, but the Aussies really decorate the shops according to the motto “If there is no snow, then please decorate”. Personally, I think it's very nice that the days before Christmas really nice Christmas music is played in the shopping centers.

Christmas in Australia also includes Christmas decorations in your own home. Many put light decorations in and on the house and in some areas there is a real competition for the most beautiful Christmas lights. In some streets you will see entire motorcades in the evening.

A Christmas tree is set up and decorated in the house. And if you are now wondering whether there are any fir trees in Australia, then you are asking yourself the right question. No, plastic Christmas trees traditionally come into the house in Australia. And no, it really isn't weird to have a plastic Christmas tree. On the contrary, I think it's even great to rebuild the wonderful companion every year. And when it is decorated, I assure you, you cannot tell it from a real Christmas tree.

Advent and Nicholas in Australia

Our boots are properly cleaned on the eve of December 6th and filled by Santa Claus on December 6th. This tradition does not exist in Australia. Even Advent as it is here is not celebrated in Australia. So Sundays are normal Sundays.

Santa Claus in Australia - Santa Claus

Santa Claus in Australia is called Santa Claus just like in England. According to tradition, he comes through the chimney and puts the presents under the Christmas tree or hangs them in stockings on the fireplace - if there is a fireplace in the house.

How do you celebrate Christmas in Australia?

Christmas in Australia: Christmas Eve - Christmas Eve

In Australia, Santa Claus or the presents do not come on Christmas Eve. The Aussies spend Christmas Eve with their families over a traditional meal. I know the traditional turkey, stuffed turkey, and also roasted ham with lots of salads and vegetables. The typical British plum pudding is often served as dessert. But of course there are also differences here. Since Christmas in Australia takes place in midsummer and temperatures can rise to over 40 ° C, many eat lighter dishes such as fish and pavlova so that the kitchen does not have to heat up too much.

Some Australians still go to church late on Christmas Eve.

Christmas in Australia - Christmas Day

At Christmas, the giving of presents in Australia takes place on Boxing Day. The children usually don't sleep very long that day because they are far too excited if Santa Claus has put a few presents under the Christmas tree for them.

At lunchtime, many couples and families go out to eat or meet their loved ones on the beach and have an exuberant BBQ, so they grill. Everyone brings something and Christmas is easy going here. And what should I say. There is something very special about spending Christmas on the beach. It is of course very different from partying in the cold, but there is still something magical about it.

Christmas in Australia - Boxing Day

In Australia, shops are open on Boxing Day. Unlike ours, shopping is very popular on this day, because the big sale starts on December 26th. Many families then go on vacation - it's the main vacation time in Australia.

Christmas in Sydney

If you're in Sydney over Christmas, there are some tours that you can take that are really worthwhile.

Sydney Christmas Eve Cruise

Fancy a party on Christmas Eve on board a Glass Island ship in Sydney Harbor? These ships are completely glazed and have a roof terrace - a 360 ° panoramic view of Sydney Harbor is guaranteed. There is also an evening buffet, all drinks are included and a DJ plays great music.

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Sydney Christmas Dinner Cruise

You can spend a nice evening on board this ship at Christmas. Enjoy the 3-hour tour with a great buffet-style dinner. This tour is very festive.


Questions about Christmas in Australia

I have already written down the above-mentioned basic things about Christmas in Australia for you. But I always get special questions about Christmas in Australia, which I am happy to answer here:

I'm in Sydney for Christmas, can you recommend something special for this time?

Yes, there is a great buffet in the Sydney Tower for Christmas, for which you can reserve seats here in advance.

What does Christmas smell like in Australia?

Do you have a smell in mind when you think of Christmas? I keep asking the question “What does Christmas smell like in Australia?” And I can only answer it this way: For me, the Christmas Turkey (the roast turkey for Christmas) is the absolute Christmas tree scent when I think of Australia. Because during the preparation, the aroma permeates the whole house and remains even on Christmas Day. And yes, my mouth is watering when I think of the delicious stuffing (the filling).

Is there snow in Australia?

Yes! There are also regions in Australia where snow falls. However, you will not see any snow in Australia at Christmas, because at this time it is midsummer in Australia and that is the hottest time of the year, when the temperatures can easily rise to over 40 ° C.

Do you have any tips for gifts for travelers to Australia?

Since we have been to Australia many times ourselves, we know what travelers to Australia can use on their trip.

The most frequently used gift is luggage, which can vary depending on the type of trip. If the Australian traveler is traveling by camper, I always recommend a travel bag that has wheels but no rods so that the bags can be digested in the camper. A well-structured toilet bag (and ideally to hang up) is a wonderful gift for Australia travelers, so that everything stays where it should be. But also practical clothing (e.g. clothing with UV protection or flip flops) are valuable travel companions and can be a great Christmas present.

A valuable tip: An absolutely sensible Christmas present that does not depend on the personal taste of the recipient (but only on the telephone or internet behavior) is a SIM card for Australia.

The Hema Australia Road & 4WD Atlas is exactly the right gift for all those travelers to Australia who travel independently by rental car or camper through Australia.

Travel guides are also great gifts for travelers to Australia. This one from Lonely Planet is very difficult, but covers the entire continent.

Everything you need for your trip to Australia: checklists, routes and tips after my 19 visits

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If you can travel to Australia, we have compiled the weather, the climatic zones and our assessment of the best travel time for Australia. Next we will introduce you to the regions of Australia and also show you the highlights of the individual territories up to our absolute Must See & Dos. Of course, we will always tell you in between how you can save your holiday budget here and there!

Christmas and New Years in Australia

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