Which countries are threatened by water drought?

Too much or too little water

Climate change is causing floods more and more often. But if there is not enough water for a long time, it is called a drought.

Too much water: floods and floods

The problem is exacerbated because people put protective walls and rivers in artificial barriers through straightening or dams. Floods are also causing great damage in Europe. People are losing their homes and streets are being destroyed. The floods are much worse in countries where people have little anyway: their simple houses are torn away by the water or buried in mudslides. Afterwards, their fields are destroyed and the harvest is broken. This summer, after extremely heavy rains in India, Bangladesh and also China, there were particularly bad floods and landslides.

Floods can inundate and destroy entire villages.
Image source: naka, aquatarkus, sawitreelyaon, nirutft / Adobe Stock

Too little water: drought and lack of water

There are several reasons for the drought - too little rain and too high temperatures are two of them. Drought is often exacerbated by humans because forest areas are cut down or fields incorrectly planted. When there is a drought, people have no water to drink. And the same goes for the soil: it dies of thirst. The fields are drying out, no more plants and therefore no food can grow. Millions of people in many countries are threatened by water shortages. These include, for example, Somalia, Senegal and other regions in Africa. Agriculture in Europe and Switzerland is also suffering from the drought.

This is how dry the ground looks when it has not rained for a long time.
Image source: naka, aquatarkus, sawitreelyaon, nirutft / Adobe Stock