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Data protection on the Internet: Preserving privacy as the greatest asset

The most important information about data protection on the Internet in brief

  • Some simple measures significantly increase the security of your data on the Internet: Secure Passwords, careful Browser settings and the use of Encryption programs achieve a lot.
  • Telemedia Act and the Federal Data Protection Act set certain requirements for Website operator determines the privacy of their users guarantee should.
  • A comprehensive protection can not be reached. With a medium as changeable as the Internet, data octopuses and hackers are always opening up New opportunities.

Data protection in different browsers

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Without data protection, it quickly becomes uncomfortable on the Internet

How sure is my data on the internet? The answer to that question is divided in two: For one thing, providers of Telecommunications providers follow certain legal requirements. On the other hand, you can Internet users themselves take some action to get their own data protect.

This counselor explains how you can store your data in the WWW as safe as possible keep and what dangers threaten if you Basics of data protection on the Internet disregard.

Provisions for service providers in terms of data protection on the Internet

According to German law website owners become a few Duties imposed to protect the privacy of site visitors guarantee:

  • Data protection: Every website needs to inform its users which personal data are stored and collected.
  • Obligation to provide information: If a visitor wants to know what data has been saved about him, he has the right free information to obtain.
  • Correction and deletion obligation: If stored data are incorrect, they must at the request of the person concerned corrected or deleted.
  • Imprint obligation

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Data security or data protection on the Internet? Definition and demarcation

While privacy explicit relates to personal data, the term relates to Data security All of your data. The boundaries between both principles are fluentlyso they are mostly in one breath to be named. Both terms are used in this guide primarily synonymous related.

Internet privacy: tips for consumers

The following measures guarantee you one higher data security on the Internet:

  • Set browser securely: The browser is the gateway to the Internet. When it comes to data protection, some can Setting options become relevant. Above all, this concerns the permission Cookies to save. Save these small text files information about your user behavior and transmit them to foreign servers. At the latest after the end of a session on the Internet, cookies deleted become.
    You should also keep your Passwords do not save in the browser, but in one Password safe.
    After all, it makes sense to prevent that automatically reports to the operator of your browser sent become.
  • Password maintenance: Well-chosen passwords are the be-all and end-all Data security on the internet. It is not only important to have a password Upper and lower case, numbers and special characters to choose, but for each account different passwords to forgive and this to change regularly.
  • Be careful when using social media: Facebook, Twitter and Co. have become an integral part of the lives of many citizens. Still is a responsible handling with the media necessary for a certain standard data protection on the Internet. Log Do not stay in one for the whole day, only sporadically immediate use of the medium, there will be considerably less data forwarded.
  • Encryption: Watch out for secure connectionswhen entering personal or important information. You can recognize websites by the prefix "Https: //" (as opposed to “http: //”) that it is a encrypted connection acts. Also Emails can encrypted - for example with the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) program.
  • Operating system settings: Send many newer operating systems regular reports via the user to the System operator. The so-called function of "calling home" can, however manually (partially) switched off.
Despite all measures, your data get into the network. You should therefore keep particularly sensitive data on one computer without internet access save. In the age of the internet there is sometimes a certain security in the Analogs.

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Insufficient data protection: There are dangers lurking on the Internet!

The Handling data on the Internet therefore requires a great deal of caution. But which one hazards threaten if you follow the basic rules of data protection on the Internet ignore to let? At best, you need to be with a Rapid increase in SPAM emails calculate.

Worst-case scenario, you'll find yours personal data - such as pictures or emails - in the Publicity of the network again or find that your Account details stolen were.

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Data protection on the Internet: Preserving privacy as the greatest asset
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