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Salary determination - How do I find out the appropriate salary?

Well advised when setting a salary: Anyone who wants to start a new job is usually confronted with the topic of salary determination during the interview. What can I ask for, what is common in this company, in this industry, should I put my demands on the table in advance or wait to see what the potential new employer has to offer? Lots of questions, lots of uncertainties. It is often difficult for individuals to assess the value of their labor right off the bat.

Factors that matter

The topic of salary is usually brought up during the interview, mostly towards the end. It is important to know that there are various influencing factors that must be taken into account when determining the salary. This includes, of course, training and training paths, practical experience, additional knowledge that you have acquired, internships, experience abroad. In addition, there are company-related factors that play a role in determining salaries. Headquarters and company size are also included, of course, as well as the respective industry and generally the current earnings situation.

Apart from this, it must also be taken into account which position someone is aiming for in the company: If it is a question of leadership or management functions, then the salaries are naturally much higher than if someone started as a trainee from below, so to speak, and first had to prove himself and work his way up .

Many ways to get the right salary

Another strategy, if you are very unsure about your own salary determination, try to find out what the usual salaries are right at the source. Check with similar companies to which you are not applying. Perhaps you know someone who works there or in a related industry. Use all the sources you can tap. And those who have already made (and left) a good impression during the interview will certainly find it easier to negotiate salaries. Getting well informed beforehand is a plus. Because you should neither sell yourself too "cheap", nor ruin your chances with excessive demands.

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