What are smartphones used for?

What people around the world use their smartphones for

Apple's iPhone first hit stores more than a decade ago, changing the way people interact with their phones. The number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to be over three billion this year, and smartphone usage has grown tremendously over the years.

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Mohammed Hamrouch, Syria

In Syria, a member of the White Helmets uses his smartphone to document the work of the first responders and to bring the wounded to safety after attacks.

Wunnita, Myanmar

In Myanmar, Buddhist monk Wunnita uses his phone to communicate with relatives and learn religious scriptures.

Tight Alexis, Mexico

Tight Alexis is on his way from Honduras to the United States. In Mexico, he uses his smartphone to keep in touch with the family he left behind on the way to his American dream.

Qiao Xi, China

Qiao Xi is a 21-year-old Chinese live streamer who considers her smartphone to be her boyfriend. She sings, dances and speaks to over 600,000 followers via Huoshan, a Chinese live stream platform that mainly works on smartphones. (Isabella Scholda, Julia Gruber, November 16, 2018)