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Enghouse signs a $ 29 million contract with the Norwegian government to provide a national emergency fire technology system

MARKHAM, Ontario, May 23 / PRNewswire / -Enghouse solution for the consolidation of the Norwegian fire fighting technology infrastructure

Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: ENGH) announced today that the company has signed a contract with the Norwegian government to supply state-of-the-art technology solutions for all regional fire alarm panels in the country.

The $ 29 million, eight-year contract was signed between Locus Solutions AS, Enghouse's Norwegian subsidiary, and the agency that represents the 13 regional fire services. The solution that is being implemented is for an integrated national fire control center. This includes the processing of emergency calls, the disposition and coordination of fire engines and other emergency services in cooperation with other rescue services such as the police and ambulances.

The Enghouse solution offers emergency services clear communication and accurate real-time information. Enghouse Locus has extensive experience in the development, provision and maintenance of robust and future-oriented platform solutions for emergency services. The contract announced today builds on the $ 55 million agreement announced in October 2020 with Norwegian Health Care for a term of 12 years.

The system will streamline the handling of inquiries, manage resources, and provide operators with timely guidance and recommendations for remedial action. This guidance is based on critical real-time information about building type, hazards, location and estimated time of arrival.

Procurement includes software, services, development, testing and implementation over the term of the contract. After the product launch, Enghouse Locus will continue to offer maintenance support and ongoing product improvements.

"The need for a comprehensive fire room solution has grown with the further development of the Norwegian fire services, and we are very happy that we have now reached this agreement," said Trond Brenden, project manager.

"After an extensive review process, we chose the Locus Emergency Platform solution, which has the functionality, reliability and flexibility to meet the demanding requirements for this project," adds Trond Brenden. "With the new system, the regional Norwegian fire service authorities receive a robust and future-oriented platform that can be expanded and adapted to changing first-aid technologies."

"Enghouse Locus is honored to have been selected as a trusted partner for this project," says Per Edvard Heyerdahl, Managing Director, Enghouse Transportation and Public Safety (Nordic region). "We have worked with the Norwegian fire regions for decades and have a very clear understanding of their vision and requirements. We have extensive experience in dealing with all emergency services and have invested heavily in our Locus Emergency Platform to deliver a next generation system. "

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Enghouse is a Canadian publicly traded company (TSX: ENGH) providing enterprise software solutions with a focus on remote work, visual computing, communications for next-generation software-defined networks, and public safety. The company's two-pronged growth strategy focuses on internal growth and acquisitions that have previously been funded from operating cash flow. The company is well capitalized, has nominal long-term debt, and is organized around two business segments: the Interactive Management Group and the Asset Management Group. For more information about Enghouse, please visit the company's website at www.enghouse.com.

Information on Enghouse Locus

Enghouse Locus, a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, has been developing and delivering high quality business critical IT solutions for emergency services, security companies and the transportation industry since 1991. Enghouse Locus is based in Sandefjord, Norway and focuses on public safety and transportation.

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