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Concerted writing on the lack of protective equipment in nursing

Due to the blatant lack of protective equipment in care, both for employees and for people in need of care and their relatives and relatives in all care settings, the Alliance for Good Care had Federal Ministers Jens Spahn and Peter Altmaier, the authorized representatives of the We have written to the Federal Government for care matters, Andreas Westerfellhaus, as well as all 16 responsible state ministers and asked for an urgent remedy for this situation. The ministers who were contacted were asked to do this, inter alia. to work towards the following measures:

- Central procurement of protective equipment;

- Clear responsibilities and contact persons in all countries with regard to the distribution of protective equipment;

- the stimulation of the production of protective equipment according to the standards of the Medical Devices Act in Germany,

- to issue technically coordinated recommendations on alternatives to disposable protective equipment that can be handled on site;

- a short-term increase in the flat rate for certain care aids that are consumed.

The ministers of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Lower Saxony and Hamburg replied directly to the letter and agreed to support it.

Many of the required measures have now been implemented. The BMG implemented a central procurement of protective clothing and it was distributed across the federal states. Contact persons in the countries were gradually named and published. The supply situation with protective clothing has relaxed, also because the porters and institutions have ultimately organized protective equipment on their own initiative. The flat rate for medical aids was also increased at short notice. Unfortunately, there was no central procurement or issuing point for people in need of care and their relatives as there was for hospitals, care facilities and doctors. The local health authorities were usually not able to meet the needs of this group of people, so that the increase in the flat rate did not initially lead to better care and, in contrast to providers and facilities, people in need of care and their relatives were hardly able to receive normal household amounts To organize personal protective equipment privately. Only since the market for protective clothing has relaxed overall, the increase in the flat rate for medical aids can now also have an effect.

The Alliance for Good Care would like to thank all those involved who have contributed to improving the situation with regard to the supply of protective equipment in care.