How much sex is normal for couples

When lust becomes a burden How much sex is normal?

How Much Sex is Normal?

It's the eternal question and it also creates a lot of potential for controversy in a partnership: How much sex per week do you have to have in an intact relationship? Is sex even decisive for a happy coexistence? The fact is: people who have just fallen in love can usually not keep their hands off each other. But if everyday life creeps up, couples can no longer let go and the love life falls asleep.

So much in advance: Sex is certainly the nicest thing in the world, but the number says nothing about the quality of a partnership. Many studies have dealt with this question for decades. But you still cannot make a clear statement. Psychologists at York University of Canada have published rather sober results based on their study: Sex once a week is ideal for people who are in a relationship. That was data from 30,000 Americans that the psychologists had collected over 40 years.

A survey by the Kinsey Institute, whose scientists at the University of Indiana are researching sexuality and relationships, yielded the following results:

According to the survey, women and men between the ages of 18 and 29, whether single or not, have sexual intercourse around 2.15 times per week. The 30 to 39 year olds still have sex on average 86 times a year, i.e. 1.65 times a week. The 40 to 49 year olds have an act of love an average of 1.33 times a week. In addition, 34 percent of married couples are said to have sex at least twice a week, 45 percent a few times a month and only 13 percent a few times a year.

But what do all these numbers tell us? Basically nothing. Because how often you have sex doesn't really matter. It is much more important that you are honest with each other in a partnership and that both partners are satisfied with the situation. If a partner feels pressured or not understood, only an honest conversation will help.

When lust becomes a burden ...

Sex addiction is ridiculed by many and not seen as a disease. But for those affected, so-called hypersexuality is a torture. The urge to have sex all the time determines the life of the sex addict. Normal love relationships are not possible, because the partner is often only viewed as an object to satisfy the addiction.

Jack Nicholson, Tiger Woods, Michael Douglas, Liza Minelli ... the list of celebrities who are or were allegedly sex addicts is long. How many people are actually affected by this disease is difficult to say. Officially, experts estimate that the number is 500,000, but the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher.

Am i addicted

"Hypersexuality" is used to describe increased sexual desire and increased sexually motivated behavior. Often referred to as "sex addiction", this is a serious mental disorder that leads to loss of control and neglect of everyday life in those affected. But where does the disease start?

Some symptoms indicate a lack of sexual impulse control. These six questions serve as a self-test.

If three of the six criteria apply, there may be an addiction that should be treated. Not to be forgotten are people who suffer from their usage habits, but are not considered to be addicts. They too can feel severely restricted in their everyday life as a result.