What happened to Al Gore

Fall 2000 Judicial drama about US presidential election Bush vs. Gore

In 2000, the new US president was not determined until five weeks after the election

On November 7, 2000, US citizens elect a president. But it took five weeks, until December 12th, until the United States Supreme Court finally ruled George W. Bush the winner and Al Gore the loser - even though the distribution of votes was the other way around. These elections showed what influence the political composition of the Supreme Court in Washington can have on the outcome of an election.

Bizarre situation when counting votes

But one after the other. After the election, Al Gore calls the initially proclaimed winner George Bush and congratulates him. An hour later, he takes back his congratulations, because the situation in the decisive state of Florida is not as clear as it initially seemed. The gap becomes so thin that there will soon be calls for a recount. And then something is wrong with the notes.

On November 18th, 11 days after the election, we reported on the SWR about the bizarre situation in the counting of votes for a high-tech country.

Two days later, on November 20th, the Florida Supreme Court took the matter up. The Florida Supreme Court ruled in Al Gore's favor. But that doesn't stop the matter. Arthur Landwehr reports again.

Al Gore accepts the court ruling - George W. Bush is president

It then goes back and forth between the Florida Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court in Washington twice. Until the latter finally declared the election over on December 12th. The evaluation of the hand-counted votes in Florida did not follow a uniform standard, and the time had run out for another recount. Al Gore accepts the verdict. That makes George W. Bush President.

The US now has a president, but the five-week legal battle has left wounds.