Is the F35 the best fighter

Mighty F-35 Alliance prepares for future dogfights

Only three countries - Israel, the US and the UK - have ever used their F-35s in combat operations. On Tuesday, stealth pilots from the three countries took part in an international military exercise together for the first time.

US F-35As, UK F-35Bs and Israeli F-35Is flew together over the eastern Mediterranean during the Tri-Lightning mission on Tuesday. The exercise should simulate the fight against active and passive air defense systems, said the US Air Force in a statement on Wednesday.

"Together with our strategic partners we are expanding our abilities in aerial combat," says Commander Lt. Gen. Joseph Guastella quoted. The Israel Defense Ministry announced that the exercise would include "survival strategies and defensive maneuvers against various threats posed by advanced aircraft."

The F-35 pioneers USA, Israel and Great Britain

Israel received its first fifth-generation F-35 aircraft in 2016. Two years later, it became the first country to use the jets manufactured by the Lockheed Martin armaments company in battle.

The US used its F-35 fighter jets for the first time on September 27, 2018 in an air strike against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The British Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday that F-35 airmen in the country flew their first combat missions some time ago in the fight against the terrorist organization Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

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