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Product design? All around you

Product designers shape things in our everyday life: Product design mediates between people and things. Studying design means being interested in a variety of things and preparing for a variety of professional options. This requires specialists with in-depth knowledge in many areas. Cultural curiosity, spatial imagination and connected thinking skills are just as important as being confident in handling materials, colors and symbols.

Final thesis by Felix Runde: Coffee machine.

The design should make the product speak, so to speak.

Dieter Rams, German industrial designer, * 1932

Heinke Nienstermann, project study.

A film about the product design course

A film by Berufe.tv about the product design course at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences.

You can find works from the semesters and theses here.

Semester projects

The irregular Design Thinking Camp of the kre | ​​H | tiv network and Nexster. Four Hannibals have already taken place since 2012: "How do we want to work?" or "How do we want to live?" were central issues where we were supported by companies or institutions such as Haworth, the City of Hanover, Deutsche Messe AG or the Association of the Health Industry.