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Can an apprentice work overtime?

It is not uncommon for young people to complain about it Overtime in training. This is especially true for underage trainees absolute no-go, since the working hours for trainees under 18 years of age are due to the Youth Labor Protection Act is limited.

In addition, the working hours per week agreed in the collective agreement or employment contract should, as a rule, be completely sufficient to meet the stipulated Training content internalize.

In a nutshell: overtime in training

Do trainees have to work overtime?

As a rule, overtime is not allowed for apprentices.

Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Yes, there are exceptions in which the training period of trainees can be extended, but according to labor law this must be credited to them as free time (if possible in the same week). Read here what you can do to prevent overtime as a trainee.

What are the requirements for overtime in training?

If there is overtime in the company, it must correspond to the training content. In addition, the working hours must be monitored by the trainer in the company.

An apprentice is even allowed to do so do overtime? And if yes, how much overtime can trainees take on during the week? Answers to these questions as well more interesting information on the subject can be found in the following guide.

How many hours can an apprentice work overtime?

How many hours are allowed trainees work beyond normal working hours according to labor law? Only at "Temporary work that cannot be postponed in emergencies if adult workers are not available", an underage trainee is allowed to work overtime in the company. This is in Section 21 of the Youth Labor Protection Act (JArbSchG) Are defined. In addition, according to the Youth Labor Protection Act, adolescents must be trained for overtime within the next three weeks receive compensation for time off.

Overtime is usually in training not planned at all. Underage trainees have to adhere to a daily limit of eight hours hold. In exceptional cases, this limit may be eight and a half hours be expanded. In such a situation, however, time off must still be compensated in the same week occur.

Another exception is that an apprentice under 18 is allowed to work overtime if a Holiday is imminent and he still works through the previously worked hours another day want to take time off. However, this day must be within a period of five weeks to be taken off. In addition, this handling is only permitted if at least 12 hours between two working days lie.

Assuming that apprentices work overtime in their training and are of legal age, the statutory scope is regulated in the Working Hours Act.

Adult trainees can have different working hours. Apprentices over the age of 18 are also allowed to work overtime limited do. The daily working hours are generally allowed no longer than eight hours be. However, if it is only a temporary regulation, the daily working hours for adult trainees can also be increased ten hours be increased.

What do you do as a trainee against overtime?

Lies no agreement between employers and trainees during overtime, thinks that Vocational Training Act Application. In ยง 17 it says there:

Any employment that goes beyond the agreed regular daily training period is to be paid for in particular or compensated for with appropriate free time. "

Often, trainees can even work overtime according to labor law still assert, if that The apprenticeship relationship has already ended. However, to prevent it from getting that far in the first place, you should register as Trainee for hours that were worked moretake the following tips to heart:

  • Always make a careful note of on which day, how long and with what You have spent your hours overtime. Many employers do not check the hours their apprentices have worked and for this reason do not know.
  • Do not be afraid of working overtime with your supervisor as a trainee to address. He has a duty to observe the legal regulations and must not give you notice out of the blue because you have raised an unpleasant topic.
  • In any case, additional hours worked must serve the content of your training. Be beyond your normal working hours entrusted with activities that are not part of the training, you need this do not pursue.
  • As a trainee, you usually don't have to work overtime at all. If the working hours are exceeded anyway, this must be done in any case on a voluntary basis happen. In addition, a trainer must be present in the company and look after you.
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Can an apprentice work overtime?
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