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What type of food are you?

When it comes to food, we all have different preferences, habits, and priorities. But that is exactly what makes the topic so exciting. We identified six types of food. Which type do you find yourself in?

Type: close to nature

Tomatoes from Spain and garlic from China are not on your plate. Only seasonal organic food ends up on your table. After all, you pay attention to your ecological footprint. At the weekend, you can stroll through the farmers' market wearing your own knitted hat. You philosophize with farmer Franz about nettle liquid manure and the right mulching. In your lovingly tended garden you will grow old vegetables and DIY bee hotels. When you cook everything is used up. You can conjure up a 5-course meal from two potatoes and a bitten carrot. You don't eat meat at all or rarely. And if you do, in addition to the origin and husbandry of the organic beef, you will of course also know its name.


Type: kitchen deity

Only when there is no more space at your dining table do you feel good. You never miss an opportunity to cook for your loved ones. Is it your best friend's birthday? Three course menu! Beginning of spring? BBQ party! End of working day? Time for raclette! The cookbooks pile up on your shelf. From Ottolenghi to Jamie Oliver everything is included. You only get kitchen appliances for free, and that's a good thing! The kitchen is already overflowing, but why did it have to be built so small? With hours of conversation at the huge dining table, you spoil your guests like Greek demigods. Since they always look starved, you reload them three times. With all the hustle and bustle, you often forget to eat yourself. The grateful faces make up for your hunger.


Type: health conscious

Half the avocado in front of you is 271 kcal. At least that's what one of your many fitness books says. Your body is your temple and only carefully selected food enters it. Paleo, Detox and Low Carb? Tried all of them! Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You mix chia muesli with lean curd cheese and goji berries. If you work on your muscles, twelve eggs, four bananas and a protein shake should not be missing. In between you are always eating, you nibble on nuts or rice cakes. The astonished "Where are you eating all this?" your coworkers motivate you to cut off sugar for another month. If you're tired, you need a green smoothie. Wheatgrass, kale and spirulina get you going and taste heavenly (really !!!).


Type: Comfortable connoisseur

You like to eat terribly and like to cook terribly, so you usually just let it be. And, to be honest: You simply don't have time to cook - work, friends and family don't give you a minute to spare. Your Lord's Supper is often Christian: there is bread and wine. After a long day, treat yourself to something good: online delivery service! Mostly you get pizza, sometimes an upset stomach. You never turn down dinner invitations, whether for a family celebration in a country restaurant or for a cheese fondue with friends. Your favorite answer to the question "What day is it today?" Is: Schnitzel Sunday with mom!

You drink craft beer with your ramen burger. For dessert there is cronut with a matcha latte. You're always on the hunt for the latest food trends. After all, they change faster than you can say “food truck”. You value quality and let that cost you something. Every meal is celebrated - that means, above all, it is photographed. Before the first bite, a photo lands on Instagram (#yummie #foodporn #foodie # hungry ...). If you cook, do it properly. After four hours in the kitchen, you prepare another 20 minutes. In addition to your creation, you arrange meadow flowers in a screw jar. Even if the food gets cold, it was worth it - it will look fresh for months on your blog (#homemade #easymeals).

There's coffee-to-go for breakfast. You eat your lunch at your desk and straight out of the paper bag. Eating is secondary to you, so you only do it on the side. You are a multi-tasking genius. While you're on the bus, you'll have a slice of pizza and a game of Candy Crush. The fine art of eating is when your bulging kebab sandwich doesn't spill on your jacket. If you can still find the way, you can go to your kitchen. You prick the foil of your communion with a fork before it goes into the microwave. You taste it lovingly with Tabasco and ketchup - you have to have that much time.