Make yourself sleepy with air conditioners

Dry eyes: Air conditioning and heating air can be to blame

Why is an intact tear film so important?

The tear film takes on many important tasks to ensure the full function of the eye. Above all, it supplies the cornea with oxygen and nutrients. It moisturizes the cornea, the conjunctiva and the inside of the eyelids, around the Structures supple to keep. In addition, foreign bodies are washed out with it and, thanks to germicidal substances Fended off infections. However, these tasks only work if the tear fluid is renewed around 15 times per minute with the help of the blink of an eye.

Arrives now cool draft from the air conditioner directly on the eye or generally very dominant dry ambient air in a room, the tear film evaporatesbefore it can be renewed. The result is quickly noticeable: red veins appear, the cornea burns and itches, you have the feeling of having a scratchy foreign body in your eye. In addition, the eyes may swell and feel tired or overworked.

Did the air conditioner dry out your eyes? That can help immediately!

Anyone who is sitting in the office or is on the move by train does not have the opportunity to get relief with a cooling eye mask. In this case you need a means that works quickly, is easy to use and inconspicuous and which Eyesight not impaired. Depending on the intensity of the discomfort, offers HYLO EYE CARE® a series of moisturizing eye drops.

With mild to moderate complaints have HYLO COMOD® Moisturizing eye drops are particularly effective. HYLO FRESH® Eye drops freshen the eyes and relieve irritation that occurs in dry ambient air.

Additional measures for dry eyes

In addition to using moisturizing eye drops, there are several things you can do to prevent dry eyes:

  • Take enough liquid to himself. Around two liters of mineral water, unsweetened teas or diluted fruit juices spread over the day are ideal. Important: Anyone who suffers from water retention, for example, should eat less. If you are unsure, ask your doctor about the right amount to drink.
  • Limit your salt consumption. The white crystals ensure water retention in the tissue. Pay particular attention to hidden salt in ready meals or condiments. Our tip: Use fresh herbs for cooking. These also provide valuable vitamins for the eyes.
  • Try to do it daily at least seven hours of sleep to get. A lack of sleep not only has a negative effect on the ability to concentrate, but also on the eyes.
  • Of course it is not always possible, but try Avoid air-conditioned rooms. For example, you can discuss with your colleagues whether the air conditioning really needs to be running in the office every day - if you can influence it.
  • The same applies to the heating in winter. You don't have to be cold, of course, but you should be careful about that lost moisture to replace. Humidifiers or bowls of water that you place on the heater are suitable. Regular ventilation is also important in order to let in fresh oxygen.

Dry eyes - when to see a doctor?

If after three days you still have a dry feeling in your eye, the pain increases, or there is a purulent discharge in the eye, you should urgently consult an ophthalmologist.