What is an injection molding machine

Injection Molding Machines - Injection Molding Machines (SGM)

Injection molding machines are used to manufacture plastic parts in the form of granules or cords. Various processes are used for injection molding. (P)

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Construction of injection molding machines

Components of injection molding machines

  1. the injection unit or plasticizing unit: processing of the raw material & injection under pressure (plasticizing, processing, dosing)
  2. the clamping unit: holding the tool & opening / closing -> consisting of a horizontal plasticizing cylinder, screw, feed hopper for loading, nozzle for the transition to the clamping unit

The clamping unit consists of the molding tool. Divided into two halves, it is mounted on two clamping plates.
The temperature of the injection and clamping units must be controlled depending on the material, components and process.

Automation of injection molding machines

In the Injection molding automation it is about automatically operating an injection molding machine or a completely plastic injection molding machine (SGM for short). The main process here is the workpiece flow, the removal of finished parts, and very often the previous insertion of so-called insert parts into the injection molding tool, which are then overmoulded with plastic to form so-called hybrid parts. As part of the implementation of automation technology, other additional processes are very often included in the automation. Industrial robots are used more and more frequently as the central handling and processing system in this area.