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Maiden Voyage - Part 3
... and pressed him to her, but didn't move any further. Ralf was whole cool and opened the door naked, only with a towel around his waist. Outside the receptionist stood with a man from the crew, like me ...Coffee chat with Niclas
... suggested: "We can go to the coffee table. It's more convenient" "Cool", said Niclas and went to the sofa in the living area, which in the chic apartment was two steps lower than the dining area and actually cozy ...Catharsis - Part 2
... I have no idea about the argument between my sister and me. "Cool"said Kai." Where do you live now? "" An apartment, a room and a bathroom and kitchen. Next to the old opera house. "It wasn't a real opera house, but everyone in the place ...Department store detective
... ... I didn't steal! I don't even know what you want? ”He tried cool to work, which he thoroughly failed. "Take off your clothes," I said. "What?" "You understand me! I have to check what you are wearing ...Class Lasse - Part 2
... to open. "I hope you just want to see what is right!" said Lasse cool and staying relaxed. "Why does the guy stay so calm when the store manager is behind me?" I asked myself frightened and just opened it slowly ...Class reunion - an unexpected encounter
... a thick, fluffy hoodie. Another outside the door coolAdd a knitted hat and off you go. Shortly before 7 p.m. I arrived at the meeting point and already in the parking lot I met some familiar faces, but ...Climbing camp
... permission from the farmer to camp all week and cook for yourself. So whole cool I didn't find the idea of ​​camping beforehand, after all that means cooking, washing up, looking for firewood and other things after every day of climbing. I am in love ...Can dreams come true?
... take a shower after me too. It won't be any different for you. "" Okay, cool. I like to do. Luckily I have shower things with me. "Sebastian went into the bathroom and left the door ajar. He lived alone and therefore closed the door ...Life is not easy at the bottom
... I didn't really know what to answer. "Yes, it was coole number. "Then I quickly went to the bathroom, closed the door and calmed down inwardly. Was that just one of those guy conversations or of my life
... in half an hour. "Cem stood casually leaning against a lantern. Coole New Balance sneakers, tight jeans, tight shirt, buttoned wide open. Chest and arm muscles also came into their own thanks to the fabric. The black hair is chic ...Love and other dangers
... knuckles landed on my cheek. My laugh was very tortured: "Cool. "The brass knuckles were surprisingly heavy when Sergei put it in my hand. At that moment I wondered whether the snobs might also be ...Love and Other Dangers - Part 3
... do you have plans already?' 'Not yet' 'I can pick you up at 1 p.m.'Cool'I went back inside and hoped Marc would get a brilliant brainwave. I couldn't do more. When I came back waiting ...Love and Other Dangers - Part 4
... "I knew that I could rely on you. You are really the one CoolMost of them all, Nico. "" What else can I do? "I muttered dejectedly. For a split second something bitterly angry slipped through ...Love and Other Dangers - Part 5
... Mario Balotelli? "" Yes. That was my dad's idea. Isn't that cool? "Only then did Marc seem to find his way back to himself:" No, that's not at all coolhe moaned, half laughing, half crying. He straightened himself into ...Manu - the first time
... you like it. "He put his arm around Manuel's waist." Yes, look cool ", Manuel replied, a little shyly. He would not have expected that, but he liked Sandro's manner. He had taken him to a gay disco, ...Marc`s stories - 1: The drive home
... Eyes up when he grins briefly and says: "Lukas. My name is Lukas." "Cool. Are you going to the main train station too? "I ask and slide closer to him." Yes, and then take the tram from there. "" You know, I actually ...Marc's stories: The guitar lessons
... knocks. "Hello Dennis, your guitar teacher is here." "Oh yeah how coolYou hear it from inside and with a jerk the door is opened. I have to grin a little when I see the boy who is not the ...Marc's Stories: The Guitar Lessons - Part 2
... eyes light up. "Would you really do that? Hey, that's full cool! Thank you! "" Oh, nothing to thank. I think that would be fun for sure. But now let's practice a little bit first. "We go into his room and sit ...My best friend - part 3
... shut up. "Nope, I'm not surprised". It was actually no coole reaction, but so easy that I almost doubted he hadn't played with me after all. "Listen, Olli" I was still gasping for air ...My best friend - part 4
... case I told that I am gay and unhappily in love. He found it coolthat I'm so open about it and he has nothing against gays. Shit talk. If I hear that already, it would be even better if he in the 21st century ...My best buddy - part 2
... good to know that we could do things like that together, that everything is still cool was - "normal male" or whatever. We got a six-pack of beer on the way to see Scott. As we approached his apartment, we were both ...My best buddy - part 4
... it was. "I said." I just need to take a breather, "said Scott." That is cool"I said. I was still worried. Scott just stood there for a minute, as if unsure what to do with himself. Finally ...My best buddy - part 5
... fell out of place just a little, but I had to make sure everything cool was. "Yeah, man. I'll be your pussy today. Just be careful with me, okay?" I said I would. I gave the dildo to Scott and he continued ...My first man fuck
... he. "What?" I replied. "Well, those wide jeans and all. It's really not cool"I was confused." Why not? "Timur looked at me with glassy eyes." Well, you can't see anything of your hanging. A man has to show what he's going to ...My favorite in the sauna - part 2
... surprised. "Have you had a lot of cocks up your butt?" I asked cool. The athletic guy looked a little shy now. "Just him," he points to the door. "He met me for the first time a few months ago ..." It looked ...My friend and his lover
... at least 20 years older? "I said." Volker is 36, "said Andre."Cool"I said. Andre hesitated for a moment."Cool? "he said a little incredulously." Most people react differently when I hear from Volker and me ...My friend and his lover - part 3
... my head and then got up. "Boys, I'm going to take a shower," he said. When he was gone Andre asked again. "Say, did you like it?" I laughed. "Yeah, man, was real cool. But my bottom burns a little. "Andre laughed." That goes away ... "...My buddy, a friend and me
... it got louder while fucking, that didn't bother anyone, really cool! The apartment itself was designed in an interesting way: It was in the "American" style, from the staircase you got into a large hallway which ...My buddy, a friend and I - part 3
... uh and oh, Gesa is very embarrassed at first, her friend Leni just grins cool and thinks, what a shame, I would have liked to blow those guys too. Leni looks good, sporty, black, short hair, good tits and a great ass. Mika ...My lover from the coffee bar
... and look at your pictures! I just love older men coolhe, like the boys from the university, for example! "" Those are big words! I also have a stiffener that I'll work on in a moment ... "" Oh ...My new roommate - part 2
... it. I would make any bet on it. Though I still stressed cool wanted to work, I felt the heat in my cheeks and how the shame rose in me. "Oh ... oh really? I ... I didn't notice anything. ...My sexy learner driver
... and felt caught out. "Uh ... no ... I even find the Chucks cool. I was just making sure you were using the pedals correctly, "I tried to lie to him." Okay, "he smiled at me and drove a ...My sexy learner driver - part 3
... I could understand Ulf’s infatuation with Olli more. Olli was a great one coolhe, very friendly and open-minded boy; the first impression when registering was obviously quite deceptive. He took his rookie mistakes lightly and ...My dream man
... you should do that too! "He had such sentences, always sounded cool. Unlike me. "But ... he's nice," I said shyly. "Nice sucks," said Lukas and laughed, then he piled up branches, caught up ...My dream man - part 3
... that you get someone pregnant if two guys do it. "I tried hard cool and sounding grown up. Lukas looked at me seriously. "Maybe I should ..." he said in a low voice. Only now did I remember ...My father the fucker!
... all three have already had a lot to do tonight. "" Yes, "said the boy."Cool That you bought us the drinks. Are there really pork prices ... "" No problem, we had a good time, "replied my father." And ...My Phallus Master Training - Part 3
... it said, upside down for me: "This cock belongs to Mirko." That was yes cool, haha. I Agreed. My cock too, it grew. Mirko asked if I had trained my pelvic floor muscles, I answered yes. First went ...My first experiences - part 6
... so. Chris had already made himself comfortable on the sofa in the living room. Coole apartment he said, above all everything so neat. I sat down next to my brother on the couch, Kalle across from us in an armchair. From the party was ...My new school
... but over time I let it stay more and more and tried that way cool to appear as possible and not let the half-naked bodies irritate me. I pull my shirt over my head and when I ...My new school - part 3
... stowing the purchases in the fridge, I think about Yannik. "Really coolthat he allowed me to take care of him. And his skin ... oha ... "these thoughts and the visit to him meanwhile make me feel strange ...Mirco - part 1
... Marcel in his clothes. "That was really cool," said Sven. "Yes, cool"replied Marcel blankly." Can we do that again? "I wanted to know." As far as I'm concerned, "said Marcel and disappeared through Svens ...Mirco - part 2
... from someone who did not regret anything and yet it was too for my taste cool. The conversations were inconsequential while we were getting dressed. As if it was a round of Mau-Mau, which we did and didn't do that night ...Camping in Sweden with your best buddies
... to experience what I had dreamed of for a long time, but at first I gave myself up completely cool. "Well, guys, there's nothing wrong with it, but if you want me to show you my cock hard, it has to be made hard and ...Motocross with a difference
... the next day. Contrary to expectations, his eyes began to shine. "Cool, I've always wanted to try that. My mother was always just too scared. But now I can decide for myself. "" We have to ...After graduation: six boys in the holiday home - part 10
... white Adidas Sox pulled over the trouser legs, sneakers and backpack. "Hey, cool that you are there. "Hendrik and I both hugged. Would you like to photograph us? They nodded." Very much pleasure. "The other four then came ...After graduation: six boys in the holiday home - part 6
... you on, "I whispered a little in a low voice. We both lay across from each other."Coole brand. "" And yours looks great too. However, it is a little too dry. "He grinned." ... Six-man house. Even with a sauna. "Patrick was ...After the night shift
... park in front of the house! Have the normal sex utensils at home! Fistfun87: Cool! I know the street! I bring everything we need! By the way, my name is Jonas! We'll write some more trivial stuff while I ...After the night shift - part 3
... out! We'll take a few pics afterwards that you can send him. " "Cool! Thanks!" "Not an issue !!! I already paid when I was inside. We can go if you want." I thank Jonas and we break ...After swimming
... we on the sofa and watched the film. Everyone wanted as much as possible cool look at it. I had the feeling that he was moving closer and closer to me. But maybe it was just my imagination. After half an hour the film went on ...After the sports lesson
... in contrast to Tim who only looked at me briefly and then completely cool said: "Nothing that you haven't made yourself before, right?" At that moment I got a voice again and said, "No, of course not. I just wanted ...Neighborhood help
... on. With three quick steps he stood in front of the older man. "Hey, cool, I was just over there and asked about you, "he gushed out." Really? "asked Georg." Then we must somehow miss each other ...Neighbor boy
... eat a few Milka chocolates. "That fantastic smile again:"Cool. That sounds delicious. "While Manuel walked past me into my apartment, and I unobtrusively looked at his little butt, which is firmly under ...At night in the bedroom
... to indicate the size. "And pretty thick! Even bigger than yours!" "Cool"I just said. Lars and I had already done a cock comparison and both jerked it off, so he knew how big mine was." Torben was ...Naked by the lake
... a couple of hours and spend the night in small hotels or hostels. ""Cool"I muttered in an indifferent tone." Right. You certainly experience a lot there. "Niklas now looked at me from the side." You mean ...Naive mom's boy in the sauna
... as mine and Jens, that's why Markus won the bet. But it would be cool if mine were bigger. "I sat up straight. Put my feet on the wooden bench underneath." What is your name actually. I am ...New neighbors
... fall asleep, "I suggested. His face lit up and after a" real cool of you, "he took a long gulp from the bottle." So, but you take a shower first, so that you can get out of your gap. Few things to ...New life
... biceps. "I thought you weren't coming," he said while he was cool leaned against the door frame. Before I could even reply he came up to me and pressed his lips to mine and put his right hand in ...Not quite twins
... stiffly, I was straight. I started then, on the one hand because I got it cool found, and probably a little bit to differentiate my looks from that of Freddie, to wear a "three-day beard" while Freddie continued to shave. ...Horny pumpers
... were always better than taking pictures of yourself. "Yes, coolI said, handing him my cell phone. Then I quickly felt like I was in a photo shoot. While I was pumping, he took pictures of me. I ...Just a Beach Boy - Part 2
... Monday is the one here on every bus from the airport. "Stephen acted very much cool: "Good evening, sir. How are you? How are your family, how is your wife, how are the children?". The endless African manner, just ...