What is life without friends

Is It Possible To Live Without Friends?

Is It Possible To Live Without Friends? Does this have any consequences for your mental health? Nowadays, many people spend their days without trust, contact and friendships with other people. In today's article, we want to take a closer look at this topic.

Last update: November 20, 2020

Can you live without friends Some people will answer this question as follows: "Of course I can do that! Because I do. I have no friends and I am completely alive.“And of course that is the truth.

Because a lack of social ties isn't going to kill you. Your heart won't stop beating and you won't just fade and die. Still, the question arises, what kind of life are you without friends lead? Do you feel good or do you feel a great emptiness in yourself?

Of course, no one will die just because he or she doesn't have at least one boyfriend. But in many cases this leads to sadness, disappointment and discouragement. Because one of the reasons people go to a therapist is because they feel lonely and alone. They are unable to make solid social bonds and have no one to talk to, laugh with, and have good times with.

We humans are social beings and our brains need high quality interactions with our peers so that we can have positive feelings, feel valued, and maintain a sense of security.

As we mentioned earlier, from an evolutionary psychological point of view, it is not necessary that we have friends for our survival. Still, friends give us a better quality of life and they can help us find true happiness.

Is It Possible To Live Without Friends?

Many people believe that the quality of our social relationships is nourished by the experiences we have in our family. However, this statement is not entirely accurate.

Some people have had traumatic pasts growing up with abusive or loveless parents and yet they have been able to find a “true” family built on friendly bonds. In addition, sometimes the exact opposite can also happen. Having a loving family does not always guarantee that you will be able to develop and maintain deep and lasting friendships.

Regardless of the initial situation, the fact is undisputed that good friends can bring color into your life and enrich it. You often meet these people almost by chance. Because unlike your family, these people are not automatically given to you. And before you know it they become companions and unexpected treasures that will accompany you for a certain period of time in your life or stay by your side forever.

It is true that some friends come and go. In addition, there are false friendships and true friends. Still, in one way or another, all of these people make you a better person, because you learn something from each of them for your life.

However, there are people who have lived without friends for a long time because of a lack of social skills or because of disappointments they experienced in their lives. So the question arises: can you live without friends?

It is possible to live without friends because we live in an increasingly individualistic society

Yes, it is absolutely possible to live without friends. In fact, the research carried out by Dr. Melika Demir and Dr. Ingrid Davidson at the University of Arizona, revealed something very interesting. It is an insight that invites you to reflect on its meaning.

Scientists have discovered that friendships actually help us feel happy. However, this is not the most important factor for humans.

Because the most decisive factor is the satisfaction of basic needs and the feeling of being competitive. The feeling of independence, the satisfaction of basic needs like food, work, a home or even a partner are all more desirable in the first place. And we can add another factor: “liquid relationships”.

As the philosopher and sociologist Zygmunt Bauman would put it, society is becoming increasingly individualistic. This makes bonds and contacts more fragile, more unreliable and even more difficult to grasp. As a result, friends come and go and very rarely stay. Although this can lead to dissatisfaction, some people get used to this condition.

I don't need friends because I have social interactions with a lot of people

People need daily access to social interactions, at least the very basic ones. A chat with colleagues at work and a chat with the neighbor or the sales force at the local grocery store.

All of this makes you feel good. And some people don't even have to go beyond that, because that's already enough for them. These people do not want or intend to build solid bonds from which true friendships could develop.

Hence, there are men and women for whom these rather superficial interactions are actually sufficient. These people can also say with certainty that one can live very well without friends.

Is it harmful if you don't make solid friendships?

We already know that it is possible to live without friends. Many people lack such an attachment for one reason or another and they accept that this is the way they live their lives. But the question arises, however, whether this condition demands a psychological price.

Everyone is different, that's right. Therefore, for some people, the ties within their family or with their partner may be sufficient. And there are even people who find fulfillment in their loneliness and who seem to lack nothing.

Indeed this is neither the rule nor is this condition recommended. In addition, you should not ignore the following aspect: Suicides are becoming more common in our individualistic society, which is characterized by fragile and superficial relationships. Yes, it is true that the very fact that you live without friends is not going to kill you. But it makes life harder.

People need real friendships. People they can trust and with whom they experience situations in which they emotionally support and enrich one another. Friendships make human existence more fulfilling, they give life more meaning and offer support, which has a very positive effect on mental health.

If this factor is absent, feelings of emptiness and wounding often arise, in which disappointment and loneliness can painfully distort reality. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are not completely closed to friendships. Look for people who share your passions and preferences. Find people to grow, laugh, and have a good time with. The benefits of friendships are priceless.
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