What was your most embarrassing party experience

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[QUOTE = skibo; 3097671] Hmm, he lives quite far away (over 300 km away)!
Search pointless!

That is unfavorable :

I HAVE to take it easy, because otherwise I'll be completely turning the wheel
But in my opinion, I have sent appropriate signals. Man or not ... at some point he will also be allowed to "make butter with the fish"

Naturally. You should also have "your everyday life" ... - who knows ...

We had already had a drink and each of us took a taxi home with his group of friends (he stayed with a friend).

Praiseworthy by taxi. Aha, but not too much, right?
Did he say things that might embarrass him?

I also had a case that was always eager to make a good impression on me, after back and forth ... months, you're interested or not ...., we ended up in bed ..., really complicated story ...... (knew and "wooed" us before ... only we didn't get to pot) - well, ons was not planned, just like that ..., he wanted to p *** in the suff , but didn't have a bag. It was a pretty embarrassing situation, I thought ...
but without me. could he still be happy.
wrong mobile number (again ... dialer) from him ... brought me home, insisted ..., before that he was very taciturn in the morning ... "shit ... alk ... he said quietly to himself
only, only got the correct number 2 weeks later. found out.
When asked, because of a date (apart from the disco we didn't see each other, it was a good year ... slow rapprochement, etc.), I got a basket.

then didn't work out ... as I said, complicated guy. then heard that it was like that strange ... not very popular ... "then presented his new flame, ugly, skinny, affected ... * shudder
Nevertheless, he was still quite interested when you saw with which guys I talked, danced ...- I didn't care ... blasphemed ... "the dream couple" .. when I saw both of them, with an acquaintance talked .... (hurt vanity ??) -: schüttel: ..... MEN....

My best friend managed that Chatted up with his friend and so you automatically got into conversation.

Another idea...

He just shouldn't have asked about a possible reunion either!
Then I would not have come up with the exchange of the number and now everything would be a lot ... ... also not ... good

You always say that in retrospect ... ...

Just want to show possibilities, not pink clouds.

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