Have you ever beaten up someone

Translation of "have you ever" in Hebrew

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ראית פעם שמעת פעם האם אי פעם חשבת פעם


So have you ever seen the girls' locker room?
Son, have you ever seen a horse your father didn't bet on?
Peter, have you ever heard of mutual safe annihilation?
Now, have you ever heard of a Black Velvet?
Have you ever kneel down, Malcolm?
Have you ever heard something from a guy named Kyle Dobson?
You empty the bed pans have you ever seen a way to get out of here?
אתה עובד במח 'הפסיכיאטרית, ראית פעם הזדמנות לצאת מפה?
Have you ever Seen Todd's back?
Have you ever seen a hard hat with no mustache underneath?
Have you ever worked one day in your life?
Have you ever bought a cigarette yourself?
Have you ever heard of a vampire hunter named Rayna Cruz?
שמעת פעם על ציידת ערפדים בשם ריינה קרוז?
Vincent have you ever thought about telling about it?
Pandorum, have you ever experienced the symptoms?
Todd when have you ever beat one up?
Jake, have you ever considering that other people are also involved?
ג'ייק, האם לקחת פעם אחת בחשבון שיש אנשים אחרים שמעורבים בעניין?
Listen... have you ever made a pact with someone?
Rose, have you ever seen this man before?
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