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Assessment of mental disorders

Assessments of people with mental disorders are demanding and difficult. The present work therefore offers a compact and at the same time practical guide for experts, but also an indispensable basis for understanding for lawyers. Because correct and fair decisions by the courts can only be made if doctors and lawyers come to an agreement. This book makes an essential contribution to this not always easy, but necessary and, last but not least, interesting and exciting interdisciplinary exchange.

The work is characterized by

- a practical, understandable and clear presentation of the essential aspects of the psychiatric and psychological assessment,

- detailed sample reports as well as numerous case studies from practice,

- many tips for creating an expert opinion,

- The presentation of the current state of the medical, psychological and legal literature, including the latest case law and legislation.

With the third edition that is now available, the work has also been completely revised and updated. In addition, the following was added:

- the civil service accident welfare and the military supply law as part of the public accident compensation law,

- the assessment of people with trauma-related disorders,

- Assessments on the best interests of the child.

The book is a valuable companion for medical professionals, psychologists, lawyers and all other interested parties who have to do with psychiatric and psychological reports.


Forensics Forensic psychiatry Expert opinion in medicine Expert opinion in psychiatry Expert opinion on the prognosis of offenders Expert PsychKG criminal expert opinion Accommodation Forced treatment of mentally ill offenders

Authors and affiliations

  • Frank Schneider
  • Helmut Frister
  • Dirk Olzen
  1. 1. University Clinic RWTH Aachen Aachen
  2. 2. Heinrich Heine University DüsseldorfDüsseldorf

About the authors

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Frank Schneider, University Hospital RWTH Aachen.

Prof. Dr. jur. Helmut Frister and Prof. Dr. jur. Dirk Olzen, Faculty of Law at the University of Düsseldorf.

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