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Your annual horoscope for 2021

Annual horoscope 2021 - that applies to all zodiac signs

The coming year brings all zodiac signs deep insights into their own soul: What is still there, what needs to be removed? The path to change is not always easy - but it is worthwhile in the end. 2021 is the year of inner and outer awakening, predicts our astrologer Nicole von Bredow. And what does love bring us? Read your Annual horoscope 2021 and find out everything about your moments of happiness, opportunities and what to look out for in your job!

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21.3. until April 20

Aries women will experience true happiness in 2021 and make helpful contacts.

Aries zodiac sign: Basically

Paradigm shift: So far, Saturn has required you to concentrate on your job. There wasn't much strength left for love and friendships. But instead of continuing to fight the rest of the world of work alone, take on the new role that the cosmos has planned for you in the coming year: You will then play well and happily in a team. Jupiter gives you feelings of happiness in private life and lets you between 21.6. and 28.7. your dreams shine. Saturn acts as a supporter and creates a framework in which you can reposition yourself. Your intuition is still strengthened by Neptune. Uranus touches on two important issues: money and self-worth. You have sudden insights that enrich you, but unexpected financial upheavals are also possible.

Aries zodiac sign: love & relationships

Venus and Mars promise great feelings of happiness at the turn of the year. Shortly afterwards, however, it gets rather uncomfortable: Venus bitches until the 31.1. - only in February you will become more accessible and willing to compromise again. Saturn and Jupiter help you to build or expand a stable foundation of relationships: loneliness was yesterday. You like to be with your favorite person. Singles experience from 22.3. until 14.4. and from 28.6. until 7/22 romantic high phases - the best time to meet someone
to find with whom you can enjoy the twinkling of the stars and moments of great tenderness together. Between the 3.6. and 27.6. and from 6.11. until 18.12. it helps if you accept the imperfection of your counterpart. Remember: Not every little disagreement has to lead to relationship drama. It is better to quarrel intensely than to sulk in secret.

Aries zodiac sign: job & career

You learned to shine as an individual. Now is
it is time to bring your expertise to bear in group situations. This presents itself as a challenge at first, because you are in January still reaching for the laurels of your individual successes. But already in February shows that you can achieve more in a team. Fortunately, you like being part of a collective, especially during phases when the communication planet Mercury is in retrograde. From 31.1. until 20.2. you should, however, fix agreements with colleagues in writing and between the 1.6. and 22.6. carefully check all agreements that have to do with abroad (including business trips). Between the 27.9. and 18.10. new perspectives open up: Listen carefully to a job offer in October. You can picture your dream position, but you should first work towards it in small steps. From the 14.12. your disciplined preparatory work will then be rewarded. Mars gives you a power kick that makes it possible to tackle even difficult projects.

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21.4. until 20.5.

Taurus women show their wild, non-conformist side in 2021 and can reinvent themselves from scratch.

Zodiac sign Taurus: Basically

Saturn will activate your career sector for the next few years: You have a strong need to realize yourself in your (new) job. This constellation of ambitions also reinforces the desire for a better or higher position. Fortunately, Jupiter, the expert on the meaning of life, is by your side all year round. Jupiter in the career sector means great job opportunities! The expansion planet illuminates your career ladder: It goes up. In combination with Uranus, which causes sudden changes, this can point to a completely new career or even life path. There is support from Neptun: Whenever you think it is no longer possible, a good friend comes from somewhere who inspires, motivates and establishes important contacts. So you can trust yourself more than usual in the coming year. Courage is rewarded with satisfaction and success.

Zodiac sign Taurus: love & relationships

In 2021 you can reinvent yourself from scratch. And whether you like it or not: something old has to go! Uranus touches on various topics such as the strength to get out of a warm bed, to allow sudden innovations, to take up and implement new healing impulses. Curiosity, flexibility and spontaneity are called for. Uranus also makes you want to be eccentric and kisses the rebel in every Taurus woman. Concepts like happiness in love and fulfillment are redefined by you, and so already comes in January Through the courageous and passionate influence of Mars, your wild, non-conformist side emerges, which wants to be lived in an unconventional relationship. Do not worry: healthy, already existing partnerships will only be renewed through this aspect. Venus stabilizes you until 1.2., however, after that you get cranky and need more space. Discuss this with your counterpart! Another intimate time heralds Venus between the 15.4. and 9.5. a. Between the 23.7. and 16.8. you are a bit more matter-of-fact, but still very seductive. If Venus then between the 11.9. and 7.10. finally renovated your partnership sector, it will be exciting, passionate and paranormal again.

Zodiac sign Taurus: job & career

Mars moves between that 7.1. and 4.3. through your sign and triggers a longing for new goals. But longing alone is a bad advisor. Much more important is the answer to the question: Do you have the tools to fill the position that you are offered? in the January and February it is extremely important to adapt to new technologies or processes. in the March are you then fit for everything! in the June and July you shouldn't live out your ambitions at the expense of your family. You do not need that either. Much that you still have to force now flies between that 30.7. and 15.9. easy to. Obstacles between the October 31 and 13.12. surrender, arouse your perseverance and show whether you are on the right track. You'll know by the end of the year.

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21.5. until 21.6.

Gemini women share their resources with others and start exciting new projects.

Gemini: Basically

Your year is all about knowledge. Saturn triggers the topic of continuing education. It also helps you to convey your know-how, your experiences and your philosophy of life to other people in an understandable and binding manner, even if they may have completely different approaches. If you want to reorient yourself professionally, you should think in the direction of university, adult education center or podcasting. A new job abroad is also a possibility in the stars. Jupiter gives you self-confidence: If you are convinced of a project or a (new) relationship, you can have everything and everyone! On the one hand, Neptune is creative, but it also has a tendency to whitewash. Therefore, always check all the facts. Uranus is likely to cause insomnia. They have twins anyway, so relaxation rituals will be more important than ever in 2021.

Gemini zodiac sign: love & relationships

You will be attentive, warm-hearted and generous towards your favorite people in 2021. With your optimism and enthusiasm you can already go up to 8.1. and between the 2.2. and 25.2. increase the heart rate of the other person significantly. Still single? Because Venus is between the 10.5. and 2.6. moved by your zodiac sign, you know exactly how to win a heart. Even if the love star is between you 23.7. and 16.8. gives the feeling that you are missing something: the timing is what counts. Don't force anything, you'd better wait. Between the 17.8. and 10.9. and between the 8.10. and 5.11. the cosmos issues you a love happiness guarantee. You enjoy the time together, give yourself rich presents (also in the ideal sense), have wonderful sex and feel secure and carried. This is also very good for a Gemini soul.

Gemini zodiac sign: job & career

This is going to be your year! Jupiter provides job opportunities, Saturn supports all your plans and projects and promises success. You already strive from that 9.1. for more personal responsibility and you may even be playing with the idea of ​​starting your own business. The timing couldn't be better: Although you normally focus exclusively on creativity and chance, you will show discipline and thoroughness in 2021. With more serenity and in cooperation with colleagues, you can get away from the 5.4. until April 19 reach your goals in half the time. If you want to apply elsewhere or want to completely reorient: Between the 5.5. and 31.5. as well as between the 23.6. and 11.7. you are provided with a lot of brain power thanks to the thinker planet Mercury and have pretty convincing cards. Between the 31.8. and 26.9. you score with a combination of acumen and a sense of responsibility. Do not worry if a project thanks to Mercury retrograde between the 27.9. and 18.10. faltering: just wait, think positively.

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22.6. until 7/22

Cancer women can enjoy the overwhelming affection of those around them, who they love above all for their authenticity.

Cancer zodiac sign: Basically

The good news: Saturn has left your relationship sector. In partnerships, life is more carefree again. The less good: Saturn focuses your attention on the topic of finance. This can mean, for example, a reduced budget at your workplace. It is also possible that your financial obligations will increase and less to live or travel. At the same time, however, Jupiter activates a sector that indicates a welcome distribution of profits or an inheritance. Uranus sends the Crabs into a new orbit on a social level: You meet people who inspire you, make you curious and courageous, and you may also get more involved in a social project. Neptune inspires you to educate yourself. For this you are ready to go beyond your own limits - which can also be an indication of studying abroad.

Cancer zodiac sign: love & relationships

Finally you have easier conditions in the partnership or for a new bond. Already in January you can drive others crazy in a row. You are loved for who you are. Between the March 22nd and April 14th if you are no longer so cuddly, pull out your claws. center April Venus then gives the all-clear: Summer promises high temperatures of love, intimacy and romance. When the love planet is between the 11.9. and 7.10. If your erotic sensation is illuminated, your counterpart has a total crush. It is also emotionally intense in the November and December. From the 19.12. it is especially important to talk about feelings.

Cancer zodiac sign: jobs & careers

You're already bubbling in January of ideas, you have colleagues who support you in everything and support you when you are in February encounters an obstacle in the career race. Between the 5.4. and 19.4. something gets going that starts off unpleasant at first and costs you nerves. But every bead of sweat is rewarded. The situation changes in May - you will become a savior in dire need and will then receive great offers. Between the 31.8. and 5.11. you have to prove that you can deal with unjust, arrogant business contacts without losing your dignity. Extraordinary ideas should get you between the 6.11. and 25.11. not deter, but motivate. Especially if it's something that has puzzled you in the past. After this 14.12. A great experience awaits you.

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23.7. until 23.8.

In 2021 Leo women will meet people who can change their lives.

Leo zodiac sign: Basically

Are you longing for someone or a soul mate? In 2021 you have a great chance to find exactly the person who not only makes you happy, but also with whom you can grow internally. This is because in the coming year there will be three rare conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn in your astro registry office that will bring deeper meaning and long-term security to all of your relationships. If you are already in a partner, your love will be reactivated or strengthened. 2021 is a fantastic year to join forces with others (including on the job). Your external contacts also pay off on a financial level. Uranus is shaking up the July Leo career. Your everyday working life is characterized by more restlessness and moments of surprise, but also by more leeway. A good time to turn your hobby into a job or to take the plunge into self-employment. Meanwhile, Neptune asks you about your preferred retreats - and asks you to visit them from time to time.

Leo zodiac sign: love & relationships

Until 6.1. does the cosmos mean it particularly well with your love life. After that, Mars makes you irritable. Then don't play the heroine, you can also show your vulnerable side. Between the 2.2. and 25.2. The intimacy dominates again: Venus and Jupiter are in your astrological partnership sector and want you to be happy and feel richly gifted. Between the 14.4. and 9.5. you'd better avoid energy-draining contacts. Between the 28.6. and 22.7. is Venus in your sign and lets you shine. There is jealousy stress from 11.9. - but from that 8.10. it becomes harmonious again.

Leo zodiac sign: job & career

Saturn asks you to look for people in your job who complement you. All in all, you should be less focused on competition and occasionally be active in things that you personally don't get out of at first. Mercury retrograde phase between the 31.1. and 20.2. you should use it to get in touch with former colleagues. You could im May and June become very useful. The summer turns out to be surprisingly labor-intensive - but that feels good to you. Nevertheless, you should not drain your reserves of strength too much because you will receive less support than you were promised. Between the 5.10. and 13.12. you are slowed down occasionally, but from the middle December you can let off steam creatively again.

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24.8. until 23.9.

Virgos can continue to distinguish themselves as role models, also because they show how to purify an appointment calendar in a meaningful way.

Virgo zodiac sign: Basically

Saturn gives you a better image - not because you are changing, but because your existing properties are now in great demand. Efficiency, use of resources or sensible savings plans: you show how it's done. You also implement your good resolution to do even more for your health with vigor - others can learn a lot from you here too. In the coming year, Jupiter will prove to be your god of small things: Much of your everyday life will be easier, you will be elated and in a good mood. Uranus sends flashes of inspiration, which should also be implemented immediately, and expands your horizons (for example by moving abroad). Neptune continues to hum a deeply relaxed "Om" and makes kinship the central theme of your friendships. In love relationships, he gives you an almost magical empathy for your counterpart. But Neptune also has a downside: As a planet of illusion, it can sometimes put too pink-red glasses on you. Therefore, always think carefully about who you are lending money or your favorite designer bag to.

Virgo zodiac sign: love & relationships

The year begins with a high phase for love: Mars takes care of until 4.3. for sex appeal and passion. Proofs of love and friendship warm body and soul. in the February Venus takes a short break, but takes care of the end March again for palpitations and confidence. Singles have between the 14.5. and 20.6. an important meeting. in the July there could also be a reunion with an ex. Between the 8.10. and 5.11. your schedule is jam-packed with invitations.Your favorite person falls short and complains. But then Venus transforms you into a seductress who is forgiven for everything, and so he comes December with a happy ending guarantee.

Virgo zodiac sign: work & career

It doesn't matter that you've been ridiculed in recent years for your accuracy and your ability to get along well with little. In the coming year you will find yourself out with your “less is more” mentality January in a role model position and show others (also as a teacher or consultant) how to achieve big goals with small steps. Avoid between the 31.1. and 20.2. as well as between the 1.6. and 22.6. putting other people under pressure, otherwise there is a risk of conflict (thanks to Mercury retrograde everything goes slower). Money negotiations are particularly successful between the 31.8. and 5.11.when Mercury activates your financial sector. Between the 27.9. and 18.10. money that you have already written off could also be returned to your account. You show yourself as a leader between the 6.11. and 25.11., because you not only point out weak points in the system, but also distinguish yourself through sensible solutions. You get really creative from 14.12. - then you show: Virgos can do magic too.

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24.9. until 23.10.

Libra women are finally getting their balance back and using the energy to surprise the world with big changes.

Zodiac sign Libra: Basically

Breathe a sigh of relief: chief complainer Saturn, who has turned the last few years into an obstacle race, has moved on. Now you can again show what you can do, your life is more clearly structured. Your weak decision-making gives way to admirable consistency, you distinguish yourself through reliability. Your mentor of the year is Jupiter: He shows you the way to a new, fulfilling love or to a new area of ​​responsibility in which you can realize yourself creatively. Jupiter will also help you find the courage to step onto the stage from the second row. Don't be surprised if you suddenly want to be a vegan, Buddhist or political activist: Uranus in the eighth house prompts you to review your own values ​​and can trigger radical changes.

Libra zodiac sign: love & relationships

Feelings galore! Jupiter makes you shine, Saturn creates a stable relationship framework. Now you want to show emotions, fall in love or just let go. Venus takes care of the 2.2. for intimacy; from 23.3. until April 14th she is then in your relationship sector and serves miracles of love on a silver platter. From the 28.6. Your love will also be seen with pleasure in your circle of friends: With a gentle hand you clear problems out of the way and ensure a friendly atmosphere in your environment. And you look in the mirror more than usual because you think you look really great. Right! From the 6.11. Venus then puts the relational focus on the family. There is less time for your favorite person.

Libra zodiac sign: job & career

Your job profile 2021: You don't rush anything, you proceed methodically and systematically. Your projects have long-term prospects. You have an unerring eye for the essentials and you are not impressed or distracted by beautiful packaging and minor aspects. Already from 9.1. do you tackle things highly motivated. Even between the 5.3. and 23.4. thanks to Mars you have superpowers to pursue your goals with perseverance and consistency. Between the 12.7. and 28.7. then you have almost too much ambition. What you should be expected to do in your job should not be accepted without comment, otherwise you might lose respect for you. in the September and October you can impress with your rhetorical skills and motivate your team. From the 14.12. you should, however, practice consideration and fairness if you do not want to endanger your good reputation and your valuable partnerships.

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October 24 until 11/22

Scorpio women use a crisis as an opportunity to dispose of something that is burdening them.

Scorpio zodiac sign: Basically

Saturn gives you three important tips for the coming year:
1. Do less, but do it correctly, and don't leave the action to others. 2. Take responsibility for yourself and your family. 3. Give yourself enough time and take small steps. It could still be the case that in 2021 you will buy your own apartment or move to the country with your family. Jupiter, who is also active in the “Home Sweet Home” sector, has a lot of trust in his own roots, and there is a great emotional bond within the family. Uranus, on the other hand, calls for a general overhaul in love relationships. And while Scorpios tend to like to cling to the old, you find it surprisingly easy to say goodbye to certain things and habits. Thanks to Neptune, the principle-ridden realist in you can take time out. Even in the sobriety that will prevail in 2021, you surrender to your feelings instead of always wanting to have them under control.

Scorpio zodiac sign: love & relationships

Venus in the cosmic comedy theater - that is for love like vitamin A for the skin: between 26.2. and 21.3. everything becomes smoother. Even between the 15.4. and 9.5. if you are in high demand, your counterpart turns out to be a mind reader when it comes to your wishes. On a journey between the 3.6. and 27.6. Liierte rediscover what they have in each other. Others may fall in love with someone of a different nationality. Between the 6.11. and 25.11. Venus enters into an alliance with the do-gooder planet Neptune. This can trigger an encounter with a soul mate. What sounds so romantic at first, can also mean a lot of radical innovation - possibly even the separation of people who no longer suit you.

Scorpio zodiac sign: job & career

Even if it is difficult for you: Live rationally in the first three months of the new year and do not let yourself be irritated - Mercury stands across. This saves energy and nerves, which you will need because you often have the feeling that you want to throw everything away. Nevertheless, as always, you remain a fighter and convince between the 16.3. and 4.4. with incredible performance. in the July you have great chances for positive changes through a new contact. Between the 27.9. and 18.10. the motto should then be again: Don't rush things. Mercury is retrograde and you don't know all the relevant facts. You can guess what is planned, but only between the 6.11. and 25.11.When Mercury moves through your sign, you have a solid basis for making decisions. It gets financially interesting between the 11/26 and 13.12., however, Saturn demands a certain modesty from you. Also or especially when it comes to your money.

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11/23 until 21.12.

Sagittarius women show more digital competence in 2021 and prove to be great communication geniuses.

Sagittarius zodiac sign: Basically

Sagittarius aren't exactly known for their tact, but they're at least refreshingly honest. So in 2021 you will keep your word too, not just making empty promises, but going through what you announce. This is what Saturn demands of you too. Be careful: your siblings or the neighborhood don't always find this funny. Jupiter's input: New people who feel like close relatives connect with you. Some of them could prove to be role models or motivate you to develop your language skills. Uranus can cause sudden changes in your work environment. Neptune opens up the world of miracles to you: You think of someone and they promptly call. Or you look for something and find it right in front of you on the desk. But Neptune also has a downside: Someone in your family could intrigue or be incited to do so by others.

Sagittarius zodiac sign: love & relationships

In all honesty: It won't be a great year for intense, exciting love relationships. In return, you get a lot of affection from your friendly and professional environment. But that doesn't mean you will miss out on relationships in 2021. The partner stands calmly and always at eye level by their side. Between the 22.3. and 14.4. you can even enjoy a real honeymoon feeling. Even between the 10.5. and 2.6. there’s an XL portion of love happiness from the cosmos. A good time for singles to meet new people. From 23.7. until 16.8. you'd better apply for a break because you're easily irritable. From 8.10. until 6.11. on the other hand, do you feel very loved again because Venus moves through your sign. Your favorite person gives you a feeling of security and is happy to go into your plans.

Sagittarius zodiac sign: job & career

You have excellent opportunities, but sometimes you have a tendency to exaggerate. This is exactly where you can work on yourself in the coming year. Your new communication coach Saturn demands a greater sense of reality. Between the 9.1. and 15.3. you can show that you too can move on the ground of the facts. That means no loss of image - your self-confident and yet humble nature gives you the April and August much reputation. “Caution, trap!” It says between the 1.6. and 22.6. Don't let fake news bother you. If you check all the facts, you can go up to 11.7. make the right decisions. Between the 31.8. and 5.11. you get a lot of support from your network. To mid December impress with clever tactics.

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22.12. until 20.1.

Capricorn women show grandeur and prove themselves in a new creative environment.

Capricorn zodiac sign: Basically

With Jupiter in your astrological banking house, you are financially well positioned all year round. Maybe you can even save a larger sum and put it on the high edge. Especially since you don't make excessive demands. Saturn ensures that you do not sell yourself below value. Thanks to this constellation, you will deepen your knowledge on the subject of "gain through material self-restraint" and notice how rich you feel when you use your resources carefully. With Uranus in your creative sector you will find the courage to express yourself artistically, especially if you have previously suppressed or undervalued this talent. Also possible: a surprise baby (also in the close family environment) or a playful, erotic relationship (then probably with a new partner). Neptune makes you want to go on romantic short trips, but also helps with writing. Good conditions for everyone who wants to start a blog or write a book.

Capricorn zodiac sign: love & relationships

Mars takes care of the 4.3. for a passionate refreshment of your relationship. In any case, love makes you very happy! Venus also works between that 15.4. and 19.4. like a mood-enhancer, singles can look forward to magical encounters that make you feel as if you have known the other person forever. From 8.10. until 5.11. Venus reinforces your intuition in an emotional way: listen to your gut feeling if you are not sure. Then the love star moves into your sign; you experience a lot of affection from your favorite person and enjoy being a woman even more than usual.

Capricorn zodiac sign: job & career

Great start to the new year: A creative boost from Mars brings your motivation and performance to the highest level. Meanwhile, Mercury triggers the flow of money on your account: Since it is also promoted by Saturn and Jupiter, it is already from 9.1. a big plus possible. Between the 17.2. and 10.3. a project could be resubmitted that was previously not very lucrative. Now the surcharge is worth it! But there are also phases in 2021 in which you should act slowly as usual: Mercury retrograde gives you between the 18.6. and 12.7. as well as between the 14.10. and 3.11. the opportunity to double and triple check everything. An agreement that was almost forgotten may also come up during this period. Stay with offers in April and October critical. in the September and November However, your disciplined work pays off: You are entrusted with interesting tasks that make you proud.

To the other zodiac signs

21.1. until 19.2.

Aquarius women will concentrate on the essentials in 2021 and thus gain new insights.

Aquarius zodiac sign: Basically

Saturn is now moving through your sign and symbolizes the principle of structure, reduction and concentration on the essentials. The topics of overstimulation and time management are also in the room. At the same time, Saturn encourages you to push your limits in 2021. Jupiter, the expert on the meaning of life, enlightens you in questions such as “What fills me?” And “How do I grow?”. Uranus, the rebel, meanwhile harasses you with family complaints or sends you new neighbors who turn out to be noisy poltergeists. Neptune takes care of your value sector: There it can convey a good nose for investments or - almost even more valuable - a feeling of being carried. Occasionally, however, it can tempt you to use resources irresponsibly, so be careful.

Aquarius zodiac sign: love & relationships

A good dose of realism will be the most important ingredient for your love life in 2021. Saturn helps you be grateful for what you have - or end a relationship that has outlived itself. It also triggers the need for privacy. Tied people should discuss this with their favorite person so that he does not mistakenly understand this request as a rejection. Venus moves between that 2.2. and 25.2. through your zodiac sign, but Mars makes you really aggressive at the same time. Now the cracks in the partnership are showing. Between the 15.4. and 9.5. do you ask yourself more often whether you should go or stay. Even in summer you have mixed feelings. Mars gives between that 16.9. and 30.10. Drive for joint ventures, and between the 14.12. and 31.12. Friendship is back at the top of your relationship value system.

Aquarius zodiac sign: job & career

In career races, you have to make pit stops more often: Saturn demands deliberation. If you are in the phases between the 31.1. and 20.2., the 1.6. and 22.6. and the 27.9. and 18.10. If you don't know what to do next, you should first structure the problems rationally: What is it about? Where does it come from? What can I do against it? Sounds banal, but it is helpful. Financially it's between 16.2. and 4.4. uphill. in the April are you very popular in May and July you can distinguish yourself through innovative ideas. In the autumn you have a lot on your mind and should consciously divide your strength. Fortunately, you are also bursting with energy. Your good contacts and nice colleagues will help you between 11/26 and 13.12. on a new project.

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20.2. until 20.3.

Pisces women give up all restraint and grow beyond themselves.

Pisces zodiac sign: Basically

Inner gathering is on your cosmic program this year, because Saturn and Jupiter work their way through your subconscious. Harness this energy by allowing yourself to just be and see where life is leading you. This constellation strengthens your basic trust and gives you more internal structure and consistency. The downside: At times you experience a lack of stability and lose your goals
the eyes. Think of this as a learning task to keep growing internally. Jupiter will show you a spiritual retreat where you can take stock. Important: Make sure you get enough sleep, this is the only way your dreams can find you. Jupiter also acts as a magnifying glass for opportunities. Between the 14.5. and 20.6. he wanders into your sign and provides (unfortunately only those born in February) a lucky advance. Uranus, on the other hand, gives all Pisces a helpful tool: It electrifies thinking and makes you super fit in new technologies. Now you could easily achieve influencer status. Neptune will continue to strengthen your intuition in 2021 and convey happy experiences in silence.

Pisces zodiac sign: love & relationships

Even if Venus makes you shiver at the turn of the year, you will discover the magic of joint activities in February. Long-term relationships get from the middle March until beginning April a make-over. It could also spark with singles. The really great love happiness is between the 3.6. and 27.6. displayed. Venus illuminates your comedy theater, you dare to do something, open your heart, feel richly gifted and in the center. A nice enrichment for all otherwise reserved Pisces-born. You also experience deep feelings between the 11.9.and 7.10., and from November there is unexcited harmony.

Pisces zodiac sign: job & career

You start in January expectant and dynamic. Do not lose your usual calm, if im February comes to a pit stop - then you could be between the 16.3. and 4.4. a great success. Until 19.4. Mercury increases your financial strength. Between the 1.6. and 22.6. the retrograde Mercury collides with the illusion planet Neptune. Make sure to check important facts carefully now, otherwise there is a risk of loss of image and money. Because you are so fair, you enjoy im August the full support of your colleagues. They also inspire and motivate you in November - and hurry in December happy to help if you show signs of fatigue.

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