What does a dean of a community college do

Dean Steven Spreck

Steven Spreck heads City College as dean, which competes with Greendale Community College in almost every respect. The longstanding rivalry between the two institutions is also reflected in his personal relationship with Dean Craig Pelton: There is tension in the air between the two men, both professionally and privately. Steven shows an almost megalomaniac behavior and has a pronounced weakness for whispering provocations in the ear of his counterpart.

In order to improve the reputation of his educational institution and to increase the number of enrollments in the future, Dean Spreck decides one day to unveil a modern space simulator. As soon as Dean Pelton learns about the so-called "City College Cosmic Pioneer", he wants to forestall his adversary by all means and send his own simulator into the race. However, Steven manages to sabotage this project with the help of a mole: In return for an agreement to move to City College, Annie assists him in confiscating the Greendale simulator. The plan initially seems to work, and so Steven pays a personal visit to his competitor so that he can see the humiliation with his own eyes. Surprisingly, Annie changes her mind and supports her fellow students in saving the project, which actually still succeeds. Dean Spreck takes note of the bitter defeat and swears vengeance.

Finally, there is an opportunity to take revenge towards the end of the summer semester. Under the guise of a fictional ice cream company called "Pistol Patty's Cowboy Creamery", Dean Spreck sponsors the now traditional paintball game at Greendale Community College. Disguised as a talking ice cream cone, he promises the winner a substantial prize money of $ 100,000. As expected, a fierce battle breaks out among the students, in which the entire campus is turned upside down. So Steven has already achieved his main goal: the rival college has been completely defaced by its own students and is now facing enormous financial damage. In addition, to prevent one of the Greendale students from ultimately clearing the prize money, Dean Spreck sends his own people - first a heavily armed paintball professional and then a whole horde of stormtroopers - into the fight. Confident of victory, he then hoists the City College flag on the Greendale campus, brings down the famous Guzmán statue and takes up residence in Dean Pelton's confiscated office. However, his perfidious plan is thwarted when his opponents form a Greendale-wide alliance. After all, it is Pierce who ambushes the victory and donates the prize money to Greendale Community College for renovation. Once again, Dean Spreck has to leave the field dejected and retreat to his old office, from where he tirelessly forges plans for revenge in the following months. No idea is too far-fetched for him, as can be seen in a minor parking lot dispute with his Greendale counterpart: The two warring headmasters solve the problem in the form of an unconventional game of chess, in which disguised students are used as life-size pieces.

Less than two years after the paintball debacle, Dean Spreck is daring another foray in his tireless fight against Greendale Community College, this time together with his new ally Chang. The latter fakes a rare form of amnesia so that he can return to Greendale after his failed coup attempt, and then gives Dean Spreck important inside information over the phone. Before City College can do anything concrete against its eternal competitor, Chang gets cold feet and declares his espionage activities over. Instead of being upset about it, Dean Spreck wastes no time and eagerly devises alternative strategies.

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