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In the course of digitization, the event industry is also experiencing progress and changes - in the case of event management software, a change away from unclear responsibilities, hopeless paper chaos, challenging surprises and overcrowded mail accounts, towards transparency, efficiency and satisfaction. The Event Inc experts present current software providers for event planning and their properties in the software test.

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Event Management Software - Find the right event software

By combining different functions on one platform, event management software supports the planning, implementation and follow-up of events. A large number of software providers provide various functions that optimize internal communication through transparency in the distribution of tasks, scheduling and the number of participants. Three software providers are listed that are suitable as all-round tools for a wide variety of events and two other providers that are particularly suitable for the organization of business events.


FunctionsBizzabooffers as All-in-one software a holistic tool for extensive event design. Numerous functions and options on a platform that is easy to use help companies with planning, implementation and implementation. in the Core package, especially for basic planners, the following functions are included:

  • Creation of an individual website
  • Registration management
  • Creation of a personal event app with your own label
  • Check-in management on site
  • Email communication

With the Pro and Elite package other attractive options can be booked, such as a interactive event calendar, reporting of events or a Customer Success Manager for support. The software is on English available.

Platforms.The event management software is compatible with iOS, Windows and Linux. As a cloud-based, data-driven program, Bizzabo Call up anywhere from different devices and also via app.

integration. With the individual use ofBizzabo Companies benefit from the integration of customer relationship management (CRM) as well as email marketing and promotions in the social media area.

Support. Telephone and online support with live representatives is available 24/7.

Price. Bizzabo can be tested once for free. The other costs for the software are based on the three fixed price packages and are tailored to your needs.

Conclusion. Bizzabo offers both smaller and medium-sized companies as well as Large corporations an all-round software and delivers optimal benefit for long-term use. Over time, companies can quickly get an overview of the general performance in event organization. Whether for small-scale events or popular large-scale events - the event management software can be used flexibly.


Functions. The event management software Aventri combines a multitude of functions for planning an event. You can choose between three offers. The Core offer has the following functions, for example:

  • Own event website
  • Mail Marketing Campaigns
  • Online registration
  • Ticketing

With the Pro and Plus + offer other attractive options can be booked, such as a Networking- or a Event ROI tool, Budget management or Venue sourcing to facilitate the manual booking process. Aventri is beyond that German and English available.

Platforms. The event management software is compatible with iOS, Windows and Linux. As a web-based program, Aventri Accessible anywhere, from different end devices and also as an app. During the event, participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas and find out about current program items.

integration. The personalized use of Aventri becomes practicable through the integration of customer relationship management (CRM) as well as mail marketing and social media activities in the Plus + offer.

Support. A 24/7 telephone and online customer service is available for questions and answers.

price. The price for Aventri become individually determined. The price direction is either based on the registrations for individual events or a fixed amount per year is agreed, whereby the minimum contract term is three years. For Plus + modules that can be booked in addition, additional fees apply depending on the module.

Conclusion. Aventri is suitable as holistic tool as well as small and medium business as well as for Large corporations and can be used to plan any form of event. The event planning software is particularly useful for long term use and offers one over time overview about the general Performance in event organization.


Functions. Eventbrite is a All-round software and offers a multitude of options in its tool, which are especially cheap for the Planning of free events are. The following features are about Eventbrite available:

  • Design of an individual event website
  • Online registration
  • Ticketing
  • Event marketing via email, social media and to Eventbrite-Community
  • Collection of donations through ticket sales
  • Entry management
  • Calendar of events
  • EventbriteApp

Also Eventbrite can be used in German and English.

Platforms. As a web-based software for event planning, Eventbrite Can be used via iOS, Windows or Linux as well as via the app.

integration. For the individual use of Eventbrite, the integration of CRM as well as mail marketing and your social media channels is possible.

Support. Both by phone and online, you are at your side Eventbrite 24/7 support available.

price. In contrast to Aventri can you Eventbrite use it for freeprovided you have a plan a free event. As soon as tickets are sold, the Price for the event management software € 0.99 per ticketand 2.5% of the ticket price, up to a maximum of € 9.95 per ticket. In addition, there is a fee of € 2 for payment processing per ticket purchase Eventbrite due. As a non-profit organization, you receive a discount on the service fee and pay € 0.99 per ticket plus 2.0% of the ticket price.

Conclusion. Eventbrite is particularly suitable for ticketing and, thanks to the free version, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Nevertheless, events such as festivals can be as complex with the help of Eventbrite organized and carried out. Eventbrite So it functions as an all-round tool for planning weddings and parties, conferences, seminars or workshops through to trade fairs or festivals.

Xing events

Functions. Xing as a platform for business networking Xing events a software for the organization of business events. Combined in its tool Xing events following functions:

  • Ticketing
  • Event marketing
  • Entry management
  • Marketing over Xing network
  • calendar
  • Creation of defined visitor groups & personal registration area for exhibitors at trade fairs

Xing events can be used in German and English.

Platforms. Xing events can be used with iOS, Windows and Linux and also exists as an app. As with the providers already presented, it is a web-based software.

integration. For the personalized use of Xing events Mail marketing and social media channels can be integrated.

Support. The support from Xing events can be reached by phone or online, but is bound by business hours.

price. Xing events is like Eventbrite free available, when it comes tofree events acts. Otherwise the event software will cost you € 0.99 per participant plus 5.9% of the ticket price. You can also request an individual offer.

Conclusion. The event management software Xing events is especially suitable for Business events such as trade fairs, conferences, congresses or seminars and is particularly characterized by ticketing and online registration. In this area, the software is recommended for both small and medium as well as large companiesand events.


Functions. As a further event management software especially for business events it also delivers Cvent Diverse booking options for all-round event planning and organization.

  • Event website with online registration and payment options
  • Organization of travel and accommodation for participants with access to the provider database
  • Online registration
  • Event marketing via email and social media
  • calendar
  • Budget management
  • Reports & analyzes to monitor success

Cvent is available in German and English.

Platforms. Like the previous programs, the Event Management Software Cvent is a web-based software solution that can be called up on iOS, Windows and Linux. Additionally is Cvent available as a mobile app.

integration. The use of Cvent is tailored to your company through the integration of CRM, mail marketing and social media channels.

Support. If you have any questions, you can contact the support at Cvent turn.

price. A price offer is determined individually by arrangement.

Conclusion. Cvent is particularly suitable for medium and large companies at. Besides, it is suitable like Xing events specially for the Planning of business events such as congresses, trade fairs or conferences.

Conclusion on the comparison of different event management software

who often events aligns and for the long-term event planning If you are looking for a suitable software, the Event Inc experts recommend it All-rounder tool Bizzabo or AventriBoth options not only score points with the holistic event organization, but also help Reporting and analysis of performance in sustainable event planning. However, both are software programs chargeable, Bizzabo only offers a free test. Eventbrite, as further All-in-one software, however is free and is therefore particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Especially in the area of Ticketings qualifies Eventbrite as an optimal tool, but is also very suitable for the holistic planning of events.

Anyone who gives priority to his company Business events focused, can both on Xing events or Cvent as suitable software tools for event management. Xing events is suitable for small to large companies and scores particularly well in the Ticketing as well as the Online registration. There is also the software free of charge usable. Cvent however is chargeable, but offers a few more functions in its package, for example Budget management and reporting after an event for direct success control.

Complete overview of the software tools

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