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Why do soccer players make so much money?

Have you ever heard the statement: "The footballers, they earn millions while we plow at our job all day." I'm sure everyone has heard, if not said, this statement themselves.

The highest paid professional footballer is called Cristiano Ronaldo. At Real Madrid he earns around 25 million euros base salary, plus twice as much advertising income, which adds up to 75 million euros. Wow..

In Germany, the best-paid professional footballer is Bastian Schweinsteiger. At Manchester United, where he is currently rarely used, he earns around 14.5 million euros base salary, plus around 7.5 million euros in advertising income. Schweinsteiger, for example, is the face of Funny Frisch, a chips brand.

These were salaries of the top caliber. Compared to this, a regional league player who is the fourth highest German division earns around 2000 euros if he is good. Presumably these players only train 1-2 times less per week.

Why is there such a huge difference in wages anyway? Not only between the Bundesliga and the regional league, but also between a professional footballer and a normal worker.

... because the market is so big.

Every weekend thousands of spectators flock to the stadiums for which they pay a ticket and there are thousands of spectators sitting in front of the television to watch the game, which they also pay for. This money flows into the club's coffers. There is income in the millions, which you want to reinvest. The best way to do this is to further develop the club.

Football attracts a lot of people, that is clear. In addition, there are now sponsors who invest in the club in order to gain even more quality. Membership fees and jersey sales are additional sources of income.

For these reasons alone, a small amount of millions comes together.

Much more important than money is the interest of the fans! Without the fans there would be no income. Jersey sales, membership fees, ticket and television revenues would be massively reduced, and the club would slowly but surely go bankrupt.
Therefore, the well-being of the fans should always be taken care of.

With all this income, players are now bought and ultimately paid. Many complaints come in that soccer players are making way too much money. There have been suggestions that the upper salary limit should be three million euros or at least be realistic, but I hardly think that an agreement will be reached on this.

Sandro Wagner holds against it. “Footballers don't earn enough money. For our effort, we should earn a lot more. "

It remains to be seen how that develops. Interest in football will not be lost anytime soon, that's for sure.

It will be exciting to see how the Bundesliga, Premier League and Liga BBVA will continue to compete so closely in the future. All leagues offer top teams.
It is often criticized that there are too many players in the Premier League who are underperforming and yet are so overpaid. 350,000 euros a week are indeed utopian numbers for the fact that you only score one goal in 26 games.

It is known that the Premier League is where the players get the most money. But are they getting too much money?

My answer: No.

Because: The interest in the Premier League is a lot higher, sponsors give even more money than in the other leagues and the income from the season is gigantic. The last place in the Premier League still gets more television money than Bayern Munich.

This is exactly why so much money is spent on player salaries.

What do you think about this? Do you think the Premier League is overpaid? Write it to me in the comments!

The answer is clear: earnings will continue to rise. Why? Because something incredible is happening in China in particular. Footballers who already get a very good salary in Europe can easily get up to 50% more salary in China.

I think Europe will adapt to this in the long term. England already pays similar player salaries, the Liga BBVA is also paying more and more and the Bundesliga will soon adapt.

How do you like the Chinese Super League? Write it in the comments.

Purpose of life: something that nobody really knows. In any case, there is little point in being the richest man in the cemetery.
Peter Ustinov

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