What does a romantic do

What is romantic

What is romantic

Women like romance, love, love letters, candlelight dinners, poems, red roses - men don't. Or do they just have a different view of what is romantic? We show what women find romantic and what men think about it.

Romance - What We Think About It

Women love white horses with waving manes, fluttering pigeons, carriages on gravel and men on their knees. One says. Is that correct? Yes and no. There are more opinions on the subject of romance than coffee varieties at Starbucks, and the lines between cheesy and romantic are fluid (or sticky). Some of us consider it the height of love when he is attentive and throws his coat on the puddle so that we can walk over it with dry feet. Other women prefer to wear rubber boots, have a romantic beer at the festival and only light candles when the power fails. Romance can - and should - be anything: excitement, longing, feeling, luxurious togetherness, proof of love or security.

Are Men Romantic?

Still, men think differently. For them, romance has a completely different meaning. Which guy is emotional and raves about sunsets? Just. Often times, completely different things in a relationship are heartwarming for them. Do men really have to be romantic? Or is it enough for us if a little romantic gesture comes from time to time? There is no clear answer. After all, we all think differently, have different feelings and different needs. Romance has a very different meaning for everyone. Some of us are attentive to annual flowers and gifts for Valentine's Day and others are longing for romantic gestures and cannot get enough love. You need all the classics - from poems to really big feelings.

Where does the term romance come from?

The term romance comes from the Latin lingua romana and means "Romance language". At that time, the term referred to the scriptures that were written in the language of the Romance countries. This later became the French term Roman. Today we understand the word romance or romantic to be an emotional state that is closely related to love, feeling and longing.

How does our partner get romantic?

The question now is how do we get our boyfriend to become a little more romantic? It doesn't have to be big gestures, but a little more love, emotion and romance wouldn't be wrong. For most of us, flowers are still the most beautiful language in the world. And if the flower shop is less than 500 meters away, it should be feasible to bring us a few flowers every now and then. How do you say so beautifully? Small gifts keep friendship alive! We would be very happy if the man would take a little time after a stressful day, listen to us and maybe even offer a massage. Even a nice word in the right place can trigger a feeling of romance in us. Of course, we can also create a romantic atmosphere in our relationship and surprise our loved one with small gifts. Perhaps that is exactly the right way to tickle a little more romantic flair out of him as well. Because he too will be happy in these moments and enjoy the attention. Perhaps one of our gestures will even encourage them to get creative and give us a gift.

The most important thing is not to nag and wait for the right moment to express the desire for more romance. This should happen in particularly emotional moments, such as after sex or during a nice experience. And here, too, we shouldn't fall into the house with the door, but casually mention what we would like. Should small romantic gestures come from him of their own accord, we should definitely show him that we are happy. Otherwise he may not try again. Somewhat riskier is the method of mentioning what romantic things our best friend's partner did. That can motivate him, but it can also annoy him and then that was that with the romance. Another possibility is to watch romantic films from time to time, maybe we are lucky and he likes it and becomes a little more romantic by itself. Romantic literature may also give him new ideas.

Tips and ideas for a romantic evening

Once we have been able to persuade our partner to have a romantic evening, we only have one question: How do I create a romantic atmosphere in the first place? But don't worry, ladies - sometimes it's a lot easier than we think! The main ingredient for romantic moments is quite simply: relaxation! If we are relaxed, so is our partner - and it is much easier for both of us to get into a romantic mood. At the end of the day, it's all about concentrating on your partner for a whole evening and pampering each other - for less daily grind and more butterflies in your stomach! Let's just enjoy the moment for two, loving glances, a lot of feeling and small touches. A walk together in nature, a bath together or cooking dinner together can also be romantic - there are no limits to your imagination.

Romantic places for a special date

If we want to spend a few romantic hours with our loved one, we can of course also go to a romantic place. Of course, it can also be romantic at home, but sometimes we should just take our treasure and do something special. How about a trip to the beach, for example? Whether as a day trip, a weekend trip or just for a few hours, a picnic or a walk on the beach is actually incredibly romantic at any time of the day or year. If the sea and the beach are just too far away, the next lake is just as romantic a place to simply switch off and enjoy the togetherness in nature. When choosing a romantic location, of course, it also depends on your preferences. For sporty and active couples, a hike in Bergen is romantic, while for other people a hotel room is the ideal romantic place. By the way, at the top of the list as a romantic place is still Paris - the city of love.

Our favorite model guy Michel Birbæk tells us what men really think about the art of romance.

Love letter, poem & Co.

WE SAY: Oh, love letters. Postits with amorous messages, baguette-length SMS, emails without end. The alphabet has 26 letters - and you can do incredible things with it. You can write someone to bed. Briefly scribble down how much you miss him in between. And, yes, you can write poems: the heart rhymes with pain, love with instincts, hard with tender ... Everything has been heard, sung, written before. It still doesn't wear out. Fascinating, isn't it? Poetry and poetry: we love it.

HE SAYS: Love letters - absolutely! Just please, please without rhymes! Long heart-pain analogies that one must also find great - terrible! No, definitely thanks! However, if it has to be rhymes, then it should be crisp and concise. Would you like a little example? My ex-roommate once told me about a one-night stand. Days later she texted him a rhyme question like “I want to go with you, will we meet again?” Then she received a text message that was nasty in terms of content, but artistically valuable: “Nope. I'd rather hang it in the wind. Because he blows better than you, my child. ”Of course she paid him back for this saying, but she still has the old cell phone with the text message in the drawer and regularly takes it out to show someone. THAT is text quality! If you can't do that, you'd better say it through touch.

Perfume on the skin

WE THINK: It smells of white flowers and ruby-red berries, a bit creamy and a bit like velvet and silk - the new perfume. We only wear it on certain occasions, the bottle shimmers indecently expensive, well, that's what it was. But it was worth it to us too. Perfumes are something fine, invisible jewelry, like a delicate scarf that you put on and that perfectly complements our outfit. Didn't Marilyn Monroe wear a scent - and nothing else - at night? Just.

HE THINKS: I love good perfume! However, that only applies if it doesn't work out the way it did in the nineties, when every second woman wore an "obsession". That had the bizarre side effect of being on the train, in the sauna and - damn it! - when flirting with others, thought his sweetness was present. Apart from that, whether in the morning in a warm bed or in the evening on the dance floor, the most exciting perfume for us: pure woman. The only ones who don't believe that are you.

Just call like that

WE MEAN: The phone rings. It's not a bank advisor looking to invest your money. It is not your mother who, without taking a breath, tells what her neighbor has done again, which is impossible. It's just a quick phone call: "I'm thinking about you right now."

HE MEANS: More than five syllables? Oh no, the whisper and baby voices conversations in opera length are only for people who have just fallen in love. And only for a very short time. The smileys were invented for us, which exactly reproduce our emotional spontaneous greeting vocabulary. Smile. Grin. Amazement. Kiss. Since there have been smileys, we have been able to send you a lot more little love texts. That's something, isn't it?

Small touches

WE FIND: Quickly smear the bread. Shit, the butter is too hard - so he kisses us on the neck as he goes by, at eight in the morning. The traffic light is red, we scold like a Gelsenkirchen soccer coach - he leans over and traces our line on his cheekbones with his finger. Only like that. Tenderness in everyday life is the most beautiful thing. Small, precious gems. And unfortunately as rare in life as pink diamonds.

HE FINDS: You can earn diamonds! 1. A man loves praise (especially for his sexual talents), 2. a man loves sex (and then a lot of praise for his sexual talents), 3. a man loves to be admired (which is actually the same as 1 and 2, but it cannot be stressed enough in life). In short: a man who is given 1 to 3 by a woman will shower her with everyday diamonds. It's in your hands.

Candlelight dinner

WE WANT: The champagne is bubbling away, the waiter disappears into the dark, he'll be back soon with delicious mess - there's nothing like a romantic dinner in a restaurant. Nobody has to cook, you can bring a very special evening for two, with everything pipapo, heavy cloth napkins, light starters, espresso afterwards and burned down candles. Honestly? Yeah, that's romantic, we want that. Not every day, not every second - but also not just once a year or even a century.

HE WANTS THAT: Okay, you can do that a couple of times a year. Otherwise I don't understand why it should be less romantic to open a good bottle at the kitchen table and then feed each other with goodies from the fridge. This has a) the advantage that you can enjoy the dessert right there and b) there is less stress in your own kitchen if you put your sweetness on the table - and nibble it instead of the crème brûlée.

The classic massage

WE LOVE THAT: Yeah, massages. Women buy balms, oils, essences. You get to know someone and wonder if they can. How he does it. What his fingers on our body say about him. Empathy, strength, endurance: the massage reveals all of this. Besides, it's good for you. That's why women like it. And men? Men give our backs resignedly so that they can finally turn us around at some point.

HE LOVES: Hehe, the saying about turning around is funny. And of course true. Having a woman among you who completely relaxes is always a great experience, no matter what the occasion. Maybe we should try harder. So please buy oil that doesn't necessarily smell like rose or lavender ... uh, smells like that.


OUR QUESTION: An evening at the Christmas market. A beautiful day in the city, hand in hand, with no destination. No, not to buy shoes. Just for the fun of it. But aimlessness seems to worry men where there is no task, there is no point - as if they were a hairy navigation device on two legs. Where is the romance in that?

HIS ANSWER: What is romantic about aimlessness? But good: I really like chilling out with my sweetheart. There are those special days when there is nothing better than hanging out in bed together. But there are also the other days when you have plans but should go for a walk in nature while the Bundesliga is on TV. Or browse another ramshackle flea market while the buddies have an afternoon barbecue with canned beer. Chilling is always a matter of timing.

Surprise & sweet gestures

OUR OPINION: There are sentences to wait for. But you are more likely to be hit by an atomic bomb than to hear these words once in your life: "Pack your bag, we are flying to Paris tomorrow, for two days." There are men who do that, but they are never their own . We keep waiting.

HIS OPINION: Granted, we could offer more surprises. Why don't we do that? Because we don't need them. The other way around it becomes a shoe: You like little surprises? Take care of some! "You, I'm leaving you" except for now.

A bath of love with the partner

PLEASED TO: Get in with him, the water steams, the rose petals smell, so do the candles, lounge music is playing in the background, a bottle of wine. We're talking about the full program. Yes, opinions differ on the subject, not every woman loves the duo bathroom. But getting a man in the tub is a life's work. Why actually?

PLEASE DO NOT: The full program? Very much. But please not like that. Because a rose petal bath is not only harmonizing, but also relaxing - do you want us to fall asleep before orgasm this time? Also: have you ever had oral sex in a rose petal bath? Men generally do not like bath additives because they prevent the beautiful sight and spoil the taste at the same time. Music, on the other hand, is ok.

Flowers, so roses and other small gestures

OUR WISH: Baccara, really dark blood-red flowers, a hundred of them, with thorns and a heavy scent. Do you have to say more about it? No.

HIS COMMENT: The rose has been a sign of secrecy since ancient times. Is this the perfect flower for you guys? In addition, the rose is associated with death in almost every mythology. Is this the perfect flower for you guys? But we continue to give you roses because these are the only flowers that we can distinguish from the others.

The look into the future

OUR DREAMS: “Imagine we have a huge garden. With a white bench, wrought iron and ornate. Or do you prefer wood? And we have a dog with long, soft fur. ”Well, it doesn't have to be that kitschy, but nothing is more beautiful than imagining the future together. And nothing is harder than hearing: “Dog? You can forget. "

HIS DREAMS: a) With a good, so nasty lawyer, such a future talk can quickly be seen as a promise of marriage. b) I have been raised not to make promises that I cannot keep. That's why I had such a hard time with "I ... you" for a long time. And rightly so, because afterwards no woman accepted the statement “I only said that to please you”. This is also how it works with the future talks. Later in life you get nailed to it. A little tip: men are solution-oriented. Formulate each wish as a task, then you will see what happens ...