What are the health benefits of sauerkraut

One can argue about the taste of sauerkraut, but everyone agrees on one thing: the fermented white cabbage provides the body with many important vitamins and nutrients and regular consumption is healthy.

Nutrient bomb sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is rich in vitamin Cwhich is important for the immune system and metabolism. In addition, it provides you with B group vitamins as Beta carotene, from which the body makes vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed in the body for healthy eyes, skin and bones, among other things. Also Vitamin K is contained in sauerkraut, which is important for blood clotting. Likewise, the herb is rich in Minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium.

Is Sauerkraut Juice Healthy?

Sauerkraut and therefore sauerkraut juice are rich in healthy nutrients that are important for many processes in the body. Regular consumption therefore has a positive effect on the body. The contained one also has health benefits Lactic acidthat occurs during the preservation process - lactic acid fermentation. The lactic acid bacteria can act as natural probiotics and strengthen the intestinal flora, which in turn promotes healthy digestion. The fiber it contains also stimulates digestion. Daily consumption of sauerkraut juice can do so detoxifying and detoxifying Act.

Most of all they are raw sauerkraut and the one made from it Sauerkraut juice healthy, as a large part of the vitamins and nutrients can be destroyed by cooking and the effect of the lactic acid bacteria is also restricted.

Sauerkraut juice: gentle laxative

Many people in Germany struggle with intestinal problems such as constipation or constipation. Here sauerkraut juice can work wonders. The juice stimulates digestion and has a laxative effect - for this reason it can be used as a gentle laxative.

But beware: If you are not constipated, you should only drink the juice in small amounts, otherwise it can cause diarrhea. In addition, like all fermented foods, sauerkraut can contain histamine - people with an intolerance should therefore generally refrain from consuming it!

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