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Game of Thrones: Jorah Mormont, Daenerys' right hand man

Biography of Jorah Mormont

At Game of Thrones, Jorah Mormont is an advisor to Daenerys Targaryen. He provides her with knowledge of the kingdom she wants to rule. Read the character biography to find out why Daenerys trusts him and what he would do for her.

All I ever wanted is to serve you. Tyrion Lannister was right, I love you. I will always love you. Farewell, Khaleesi.

Jorah to Daenerys

In Game of Thrones Season 1, Jorah serves as Daenerys' adviser and protector. Daenerys is delighted with the knowledge that Jorah can teach her about the Seven Kingdoms. Jorah initially works as a spy for Varys and the Crown, but decides against it when he learns of Daenerys' planned assassination.

Jorah also accompanies Daenerys' miscarriage and her husband's death, and falls to her knees in front of her and her hatched dragons at the end of season one. In GoT season 2, Jorah accompanies Daenerys to Qarth and helps her free her dragons. Together with her he organizes a ship to take her to Astapor.

Daenerys doesn't always listen to Jorah's advice. In Game of Thrones Season 3, she contradicts the Mormont when he tries to talk her out of giving her dragons in exchange for the Immaculate. But when he realizes that she wants to free all slaves, he supports her plan.

SurnameJorah Mormont
NicknameJorah the Andale
originBear Island
parentsJeor Mormont
Spouse / partner-
AffiliationDaenerys Targaryen
Game of Thrones - Jorah Mormont

The death of Joffrey in Game of Thrones season 4 does not leave Daenerys untouched either. While Barristan advises leaving for Westero immediately, Jorah suggests gathering more supporters. At the end of the season, Jorah's previous role as the King's spy is revealed and he is banished by Daenerys.

To win the Khaleesi's favor again, Jorah wants to bring Tyrion to her. He has just killed his father Tywin and is suspected of having killed Joffrey as well. At the end of GoT season 5, Jorah goes in search of Daenerys, who fled Mereen with Drogon.

In Vaes Dothrak the two find Daenerys and want to persuade her to flee. However, she plans to burn all of the Khals in order to be the only Khaleesi to emerge from the flames. These first signs of the Targaryen's madness in Game of Thrones Season 6 move thousands of Dothraki to bow to their queen. Daenerys rehabilitates Jorah after he reveals his illness to her. He suffers from gray scales and wants to look for a cure with the maesters from Altsass.

There he meets Samwell Tarly, who treats him against the wishes of Maester Ebros. Jorah is fully healed and returns to Daenerys, who is visibly pleased with his return. At the end of Season 7 GoT, Jorah travels to Winterfell with Daenerys.

Jorah Mormont finds his end in the arms of Daenerys. In Game of Thrones season 8 he fights at her side against the Night King and the revenants, but succumbs to the injuries he sustains when he tries to save Daenerys.

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