Are there burritos in Mexico

Differences: burritos, tacos, enchiladas, wrap & many more

dishTortilla stylepreparationfillingannotationburritoswheatrolledServed rolled in contrast to fajitasChalupasCornBoat-like shapeSalsa, cheese, salad and onions, partly chicken or pork,In contrast to tacos, chalupas are slightly thicker and are fried with a salsa topping just before servingChimichangaswheatfilled, folded into a rectangular packet and then friedoften cheese, beans, rice, sometimes meat or chickenWidespread in the southern United StatesenchiladasCornrolled, gratinated with salsaFajitaswheatrolledIn contrast to burritos, they are rolled at the table themselvesFlautasCornlong, thinner roll ("rolled into cigars")“Flauta” is Spanish for “flute”; in Mexico rather a starterNachosCorndeep fried tortilla chipsno fillingare usually served with dipsQuesadillaswheatfill, fold once, then fry or deep-frycheeseIn Mexico City there are sometimes other ingredients such as mushrooms, meat and potatoesTacosCornonce folded, but half-open with filling TortillasCorn or wheatCorn or wheat flatbreadBasis of all other dishes hereTostadasCornflat with tortilla on both sides (like sandwich)wrapsgeneral generic term for: "rolled, filled flatbread"The term is rarely used for and in Mexican cuisine; but many dishes here are "wraps"