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Acoustic guitar test 2021 • The 6 best acoustic guitars in comparison

What is a western guitar?

A Western guitar is an instrument with six or twelve strings. In contrast to the classical concert guitar, the western guitar is with Steel strings strung and has a thinner neck that is tied to a Steel rod is reinforced.

Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of acoustic guitars

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Application of the instrument

With a Western guitar you can make music by using different playing techniques such as upstroke and downstroke or finger picking. The instrument is suitable for solo pieces as well as for playing together with other musicians. It can be used at performances, rehearsals, and studio recordings other occasions be used unreinforced or reinforced.

Styles of music

The western guitar is in many Genres of music popular. Originally it came mostly from playing Country music used, but today it is used in almost all styles including jazz, pop, blues, and folk. Musicians like Prince, Elvis and Taylor Swift are there for their playing Western guitar known.

What types of acoustic guitars are there?

Flat tops

As Flat top is the name given to a western guitar whose body top is flat. This is the most common form, as some comparisons show. In addition, the body can be a so-called cutaway have.
The corpus is under the approach of the Guitar neck cut out. This makes it easier to grasp notes in the higher frets.


With these Models the top of the body is arched outwards, which is why it is reminiscent of string instruments such as the violin. The Bulge the archtops makes for a fuller and louder sound.

This is how tests of a western guitar work

To be the best Western guitar to find, comparisons are made of the sound, playability and workmanship of the instruments. The guitarist plays in his test Wolfgang Pörtner first briefly on each instrument by plucking the same melody on each guitar. So the sound can be conveyed to a direct comparison undergo.

Optics and workmanship

The sound is also made by the material and its processing influences why a test examines these aspects. Does the neck sit straight on the body or are there edges?

Is this Fingerboard cleanly processed? Are the tuning pegs easy to use? These and more ask try to answer the tests.

Relevant test criteria

If you have the best for you Western guitar and want to make a comparison yourself, you first examine the in a test Sound: Stroke the strings and play a song. Are the tones clear and voluminous or blurred and weak? Choose one for your tests Flattop or Archtop guitar, because the construction also influences the sound.


A western guitar has to sit comfortably in the hand and you have to hear the notes on the Fingerboard can grab without too much effort. Also make sure that clearly recognizable inlays on the fingerboard mark the frets. This is particularly helpful Beginners in the Orientation.

Quality and workmanship

From optical and sonic reasons the type of wood used is important. In the test, you should also take a close look at whether all parts are properly connected. There are no Cracks or Gaps exist.

Presentation of the 10 leading brands

  • Martin
  • Gibson
  • Epiphone
  • Blueridge
  • Ibanez
  • Yamaha
  • Stagg
  • Taylor Guitars
  • Takamine
  • Baton Rouge
The family business Martin Guitars from the USA has stood out with its high quality Instruments has earned an excellent reputation worldwide. Comparisons place Martin's acoustic guitars repeatedly in the front positions, as the guitar maker has developed many innovations in this area.
One of the most famous brands among guitar manufacturers is Gibson. The Companies is based in the music city of Nashville, USA. In addition to western guitars, Gibson manufactures other stringed instruments such as mandolins and electric guitars.
A western guitar from the brand also comes from the USA Epiphone, which has existed since 2928. Today it is a subsidiary of Gibson. Epiphone specializes in archtop acoustic guitars, among other things.
Blueridge is another American brand, which offers a high quality acoustic guitar. The company is named after the Blueridge Mountains. The instruments are made in China.
The mark Ibanez belongs to that Musical instrument manufacturer Hoshino Gakki from Japan. Guitars inspired by the Spanish instrument maker Salvador Ibáñez are sold under her. In comparison, Ibanez acoustic guitars are particularly suitable for beginners.
In comparison cut too Western guitars from the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha always doing very well. The sale of instruments is one of the main pillars of the Yamaha Group, which was founded in 1887.
In Belgium are also high quality Western guitars made: the company Stagg Music has been producing instruments in Brussels since 1995. They can be classified in the lower price segment, but are still of good to very good quality.
Higher priced and high quality guitars come from the house Taylor. The California-based company was founded in 1974 and is best known for its extensive range of acoustic guitars.
The guitar maker Takamine has been based in Japan since 1959. The Companies specializes in acoustic concert and western guitars, which it sells successfully worldwide.
Cheap, but well-made Western guitars can be found at Baton Rouge. The brand belongs to the Reinhardt company, which comes from Tübingen.


Customer reviews describe these advantages and disadvantages

To the Western guitar To be able to play easily, customers recommend making sure that the frets are all the same height. This was not the case with some cheap models, which meant that the strings sometimes snarled when playing. Since western guitars usually have a larger body than Concert guitars some reviewers noticed the slightly higher weight. Some found this to be positive as the instrument felt better in the hand. Who is a lighter guitar however, should choose a smaller size.


Before buying, customers recommend comparing the Furnishing different models. If you want to play your acoustic guitar on stage or in the studio, for example, you should make sure that a pickup system is installed.

This is not the case with all guitars. Some were positive Reviewers on when additional accessories such as a bag or a tuner to go scope of delivery belong.

Test at Stiftung Warentest: Results

Although the Stiftung Warentest So far, no comparisons have been made with the western guitar, but in 2006 it put electric guitar starter sets under the microscope in tests. If you are looking for the best acoustic guitar for beginners, you can choose from the comparison deduce that you are not the cheapest models should buy. But you are very well advised with medium-priced guitars.

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