What is NABH

4. What happens after the notice period has expired?

When the notice period expires, the employment relationship ends first. After you have given notice and the notice period has expired, you must Not Offer your manpower to the company, either in person or in writing. In any case, the labor offer is included in our lawsuit filed for you; beyond that, nothing needs to be done.

Regardless of whether a dismissal protection suit is brought or not, the employer pays no more wages after the notice period has expired (or immediately if the notice is given without notice). However, you have applied for benefits from the employment office some time in advance. In cases of non-payment by the employment office, you may have to apply for social assistance.

A Continued employment may be requested within the scope of ordinary termination if there is a works council and this has duly and timely objected to the intended termination. Otherwise, continued employment can usually only be enforced after a judgment in the first instance.

In addition to reporting to the employment office, the Health insurance various problems to be taken into account, but these cannot be addressed here. Please contact your health insurance company.