What if life gets easy

When life just happens

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By Diana Huebner


An unbelievable love story, paired with distrust, incomprehension and extremely dangerous encounters. Isabella's formerly quiet life turns into a roller coaster ride from which she cannot escape. No more than she learns who she really is and has to realize that the budding love for a mysterious man is doomed to failure.

About the author

Diana Hübner was born in South Thuringia in 1974 and still lives with her family in her small home village near the Rennsteig. Her main job is a police officer and the mother of three daughters. Diana Hübner wrote stories, poems and small plays at a young age and has now fulfilled a childhood dream with her novels. After the novels "Traumuchten" and "Seelentrost" from 2014, "Un (d) finally I" and "Gateway to the Past" from 2015, "Find me!" from 2017, "Mother Lie" from 2018 and "When Life Just Happens" from 2019 "Memories Shadow" is now the author's current work.

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