What makes a cat's ass stink

Why Do Some Cat Butts Smell Bad?

Have you ever wondered why cat butts sometimes smell so unsavory, even though cats are such clean animals? Learn more about possible causes today.

Last update: May 20, 2020

Even if cats are very clean and tidy animals, it can still happen from time to time Cat butt smell pretty unpleasant. If you notice this in your house tiger, you will find out today what causes this bad smell could have.

Inadequate cleaning

Everyone knows that cats clean themselves. They lick each other using their tongues and paws. The main purpose of this behavior is to keep the fur clean. In addition, cats also remove odors and parasites by licking.

But despite the thorough hygiene habits, some can Cat butt still smell bad. More commonly, this problem can occur in cats that have long fur, such as the Maine Coon or the Himalayan. When they defecate, debris sticks to the fur around the cat's buttocks, which then causes a bad odor.

To eliminate this problem, you should check this area regularly and clean it if necessary. You can also shorten the fur in the anal area a little. This will prevent it from becoming excessively dirty.

The anal glands could also be a possible cause

Both cats and dogs have anal glands that are located on either side of the anal opening. Their main task is to provide the Moisten anus to facilitate defecation. They also serve the animals for communication. This is how cats can identify with their own scent.

During the elimination, the anal glands usually empty as well. If However, if the animal suffers from stress, emptying can also take place involuntarily. And that's exactly when a cat's butt begins to smell bad. The cause is the yellowish secretion of the glands.

The glands could too be affected by infection, abscesses, or fistulas. This can also result in an unpleasant odor. If your cat has any of these conditions, you should see a veterinarian who will initiate further treatment.

Other possible causes of an over-smelling cat butt

Aside from the problems related to cat anatomy, The reason for the bad smell can also be related to diet. If we feed our cat with poor quality food, gas may develop and a foul smelling feces may be secreted.

That is why it is important that we feed our pets balanced and high quality. This aids digestion, avoids bad smells and keeps your cat healthy.

If you notice a bad smell on your kitty's bottom and you have ruled out the possible reasons described above, it is recommended that you Seeking a veterinarian as there are other causes as well.

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