Can students and teachers defend their relationship?

Student-teacher relationship: "It always came down to sex"

She has still saved messages of love from the teacher. He called the girl "Honey" and himself "Honey Bear". The teacher spoke of great love and a common future. Long for a page. With lots of exclamation marks and superlatives. "You are the most wonderful, humorous, prettiest, dearest, honest, decent, lovable, most desirable person in the whole world!"

There is more to it than that. About sex. Mainly because of that. "You have already shown me your horniness more clearly ... ;-) Do it calmly, if it is so, and tell me, I like to hear that," the teacher wrote to the student. The wording was much more intimate and dirty, but the girl deleted most of the emails and chat entries, just as the teacher asked.

"For your eyes only," he wrote often; nobody should find out about it, otherwise his existence would be endangered. She obeyed. The teacher was 32 years old and the girl was just 14.

Anna feels exploited and abused

It was five years ago, the girl has become a young woman. She wasn't a Lolita, not a precocious thing that beguiles men with perky eyes and short skirts. The 19-year-old looks shy, speaks softly. "I was totally naive. I was in love. In retrospect, it's totally stupid," she says.

Today she feels exploited, abused. She believed in the great love that teenagers are like - even if one thing bothered her back then: "It always came down to sex."

Her parents are sitting at the living room table when she talks about her taboo relationship. They ask that their real names not be given, including where they live. So it's about Anna R. somewhere in the Neuwied district in Rhineland-Palatinate, where the carnival is leaving its mark everywhere.

Despite the bitterness, they can still laugh

The entrances of the prince couples in the places are decorated with red and white entrance portals and garlands. Anna's family is also mad about Carnival. At some point her mother gets up and proudly brings a framed picture: It shows the parents, Anna and her sisters in full regalia.

You can still laugh despite the bitterness. Otherwise they hardly think of anything else. The father speaks calmly, with that sympathetic Rhineland singsong. At some point he says he's angry, angrier than ever.

The fact that Anna speaks as openly as possible about this fateful relationship is due to a court order: Last week the Higher Regional Court in Koblenz announced a decision that the teacher had not committed sexual abuse of wards. It was an acquittal in the last instance, before the district and regional courts had found him guilty.

Teacher emphasizes mutual understanding