Why do people agree not to agree

The question was asked again and again how the "Third Reich" could come about at all. Many important people, many historians and many politicians have talked their heads about this question, wrote articles and wrote books. From a historical distance, some things are easier to judge, but some are still difficult to understand. For a long time it was believed that the "Third Reich" was inevitable and that Germany was headed for this catastrophe that ended with World War II. Today, many historians see it a little differently.

Hitler was valued and chosen by the people

Hitler did not come "over Germany". He was deliberately elected by many Germans, supported by many and made Chancellor. The reasons why the "Third Reich" came about are complex and varied. And here, too, you have to look back a bit in history. Many blame the failure of the Weimar Republic alone, but that would be too easy an explanation.

people in need

One of the reasons the National Socialists were so successful in the beginning was that many people hoped Hitler would save them from their social misery. Because of the Great Depression in 1929 and 1930, many people were in need and poverty had increased. The highest level of unemployment was reached in January 1933 with over six million unemployed. Many people hoped that Hitler and the National Socialists would improve their economic situation. And Hitler and his propaganda fueled exactly this hope of the people. Probably for this reason many chose him.

And at the same time, for their personal gain, they accepted the fact that democracy was disappearing, people were being persecuted and all basic rights were being suspended.

Hitler's propaganda proved successful. But in many other countries people were just as bad, which is why we speak of a global economic crisis. Nevertheless, these countries were more stable in their democracy, in order not to be caught by a pied piper like Hitler.

There were also some warning voices in Germany. But not enough - and so the disaster took its course and in the end it could not be stopped.