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Young people in particular are critical of the situation on the German labor market. There is a great fear of remaining without a job despite a good education or degree. The question quickly arises as to which industries are looking for young skilled workers and in which opportunities are there for permanent employment. Web developers have a good chance of doing this.

A look at relevant job portals on the Internet such as stepstone.de shows that many companies are looking for web developers. But what makes a web developer? This job title is used to designate software developers who specialize in web technologies. While in the early years of the Internet the homepages were still quite simple and essentially represented text and images, the once static pages have become extremely complex. The applications are different and range from forums to online shops, which also entails increased requirements for web developers.

Web Developer and Web Developer - All the Same?

In addition to the designation web developer, the occupational classifications web developer, web engineer or web programmer are also known. In the English-speaking world, the job title web developer is sometimes even more comprehensive and also describes designer or concept developer. The job title web developer is confusing mainly because it is not protected in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and can therefore be used by anyone as a job title.

If you use the term in a professional context without the appropriate education and qualifications, you are violating several laws. But what skills do you have to have to be able to work as a web developer? Certain basic knowledge is essential for every developer:

  • basic CMS knowledge
  • Template development in a template language
  • HTML & CSS

Qualification paths for web developers

Since the main areas of work that a web developer can focus on are different, the corresponding specific knowledge that he must bring with him also varies. For a front-end developer, JavaScript is important, while a back-end developer should be familiar with the HTTP protocol.

A career as a web developer is conceivable for anyone with a high school diploma, a technical diploma or an intermediate level of education. If you want to study first and then enter the industry, you should prefer a relevant course of study. This includes courses that convey current, web-relevant skills such as applied computer science or computer science. Those who prefer an apprenticeship instead have the opportunity to qualify as an IT specialist for application development for their later career.

Apps for smartphones also come from web developers

If you want to start your career as a web developer, you have various options. Even with the employment relationship, you have the choice of whether you want to work as a freelancer, self-employed person, employee in agencies or IT departments of larger companies. Pure teams of web developers are rather uncommon. Instead, they usually work on development processes in interdisciplinary teams with experts from other fields.

In recent years, the profession of web developer has become increasingly exciting because they have been in demand for developing apps since the appearance of smartphones. If you would like to work as a web developer, you should be prepared for the following tasks that determine everyday work:

  • Implementation of requirements analyzes
  • Design and installation of the tool chain
  • Creation of database designs
  • Implementation of the productive code
  • Maintenance and operation of software installations
  • Creation of software architecture and design
Author: Henrike Böser
Published October 28, 2013

Tags: job description, career choice, freshmen, career, web developer